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Finn finds Robert waiting in his Metro Court room. Robert just got off the phone with Frisco and has confirmed Anna disappeared a month ago. Robert reads over Finn’s texts from Anna, which he says are from her kidnappers. Since they asked Finn to come to Berkley to meet Anna, Robert believes they plan to use him as leverage to get Anna to reveal whatever information they are after. He asks Finn if he’s willing to put his life on the line for her again. Finn agrees to help. In her room, Margaux examines the contents of the flash drive, which includes copies of Andre’s notes on the transfer of Jason’s memories to Drew.

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At The Floating Rib, Curtis catches up with Drew when Margaux enters and happens to run into them. Curtis invites her to join them. Margaux apologizes to Drew for not believing the whole missing memory story he told her before. Curtis fills her in about their adventures working together when he thought he was Jason, including locating Julian’s not-so-dead sister Olivia. Dawson is familiar with her and all the crime families in Port Charles because she had to do her homework for the job. She dances around Drew’s memories, which are Jason’s, and that he doesn’t seem to like his brother much. Drew wonders what she is getting at, but she claims she’s just trying to understand this incredible situation. Margaux leaves them in, and Curtis jokes with Drew that she likes him.

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At Sonny’s cabin, Jason explains Michael’s entire plan to trap Nelle to Carly, and how Chase fits into the picture. Carly admits the plan is brilliant, but still hates it.

In the woods, Sonny rescues Michael from the car moments before the it blows. He and Michael stumble upon the Pentonville van where Chase is. Chase explains that Obrecht was in the van, but escaped in the crash. Michael fills Chase in on what happened after the crash, and Chase realizes Nelle may think Michael is dead. He believes she may try and turn herself in and spin the story. Chase gets a call on another fugitive and asks Sonny if he may know where a single gunman who broke his wife out of Ferncliff could be hiding. Sonny claims he doesn’t.

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At Brad and Lucas’, Brad is stunned when Wiley doesn’t wake up, so he performs CPR on the baby.

At GH, Julian runs into Lucas, who has been so busy with work he hasn’t checked his messages. Julian urges him to, and then congratulates him on becoming a father.

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Brad sits in his car on the side of the highway with the baby bassinet in the back seat. He hopes this is a bad dream and ignores Lucas’ calls. Suddenly Nelle stumbles out of the woods carrying her baby in her arms. Brad gets out and asks her what happened. She explains she had a baby boy, and then rambles about the accident, and Michael driving erratically in order to get her to admit to horrible things she never did. She claims she managed to escape the wreck, only to give birth to the baby. Nelle notices Brad looking in the backseat and what is in the basket. Brad cries that he and Lucas got their son, but he died in his sleep. Brad says he was taking the baby to the hospital and can give her a ride. Nelle can’t go with him because she’s in trouble but tells him to take her son. She knows Sonny will try and take him from her, and one way or another she’ll lose him, so she wants Brad and Lucas to raise her child.

Margaux returns to her room at the Metro Court, reviews the flash drive, and wonders how much of Jason’s life Drew remembers.

Back at the cabin, Jason tries to get Carly to focus on her own issue, clearing her name, and suggests they may need to hide out in Canada for a few months till Diane works her magic. Suddenly Sonny turns up and Carly rushes into his arms. Sonny wishes Jason would have told him of his plan. Carly asks about Michael, who Sonny assures her is fine, but reports Nelle is missing after there was a car accident.

Lucas returns home to an empty apartment and crib. Brad walks in, and stutters that he was out taking the baby for a drive. Brad hands the child to Lucas, who is thrilled to meet Wiley.

Back out on the highway, Nelle walks around carrying a baby and hears sirens growing closer.

At GH, Chase informs Michael, who is being checked out, that he picked Nelle up walking by the road. Michael rushes out and sees Nelle in the waiting room holding the baby. He takes the child from Nelle, only to realize it is dead. Nelle tells him she’s sorry, but their son didn’t make it.

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