At GH, Jason corners Franco in an elevator and demands he get him into Ferncliff. In Peter’s room, Finn checks on the patient. Peter thanks him for rescuing him, and their conversation turns to Anna. Peter only feels anger and betrayal when he thinks of his family and doubts Finn knows how that feels. Finn tells him every family has skeletons, so he can either keep feeling sorry or get over himself and let Anna be a part of his life.

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At Ferncliff, Carly is taken to meet Dr. Kurt Lazarus, (played by Casey Biggs), who has a table and ECT machine set up for her. She’s strapped to the table by the doctor’s assistants as Mary Pat leaves all smiles. In the halls, Franco sneaks Jason in and wants to leave, but Jason tells him to stand guard for ten minutes and prove to him he’s a changed man as Liz claims. Jason finds Mary Pat, pulls a gun on her, and demands to know where Carly is. Once she tells him, Jason locks her and another orderly in a cell. Jason locates the treatment room and bursts in gun drawn just as Lazarus is about the throw the switch on Carly.

At the PCPD, Sonny and Chase use Jordan’s office to spy on Michael and Nelle through a camera placed in Michael’s car. Down in the interrogation room, Maxie visits Nina, who has been called in. They discuss her getting sucked into Obrecht’s plan, and Maxie urges her to let go of the hurt and anger and move on. Jordan enters and orders Maxie out because she shouldn’t be there. In the squad room, Robert sees Obrecht, who is in prison orange and cuffs. He actually feels sorry for her because she has paid the ultimate price losing her son and will now spend her life in prison. He leaves, and Maxie spots Obrecht on her way out. Obrecht apologizes to Maxie for failing her and James and not getting justice for Nathan. Maxie tells her she did this all for herself, and what she did to Peter hasn’t fixed anything and has only taken her son’s grandmother and possibly his aunt from him. Back in the interrogation room. Jordan asks Nina about what happened with Peter in the cabin. Nina has decided to say nothing because knows Peter didn’t implicate her and Jordan has nothing to hold her on. Jordan lets her go but warns this isn’t over. Nina and Jordan walk out of the interrogation room, and Jordan asks Obrecht if she had an accomplice. Obrecht claims she did this on her own. Maxie and Obrecht share a hug goodbye before she’s escorted out.

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In Michael’s car, Michel passes the hospital where he was supposed to drop Nelle off and claims he’s worried the store that sells the glycerin pops may close, so they’ll go there instead of stopped at the hospital for her. Nelle panics because she believes the car is rigged to fail after fifteen miles, and she tells him that she really doesn’t need the pops and they should go to the hospital. He tells her to relax, but she screams, “Pull over or we are going to crash!” He tells her to calm down, and her hormones are just making her crazy, but she grabs at the wheel and admits Chase sabotaged the car to kill him because she asked him to. He hits the gas and orders her to tell him everything. She admits she knew he was going to leave her, and she wouldn’t be left with nothing again like with Zack. She admits to killing Zack before his family could turn him against her. Michael screams, “You took everything from my family,” and orders her to admit Carly never pushed her down the stairs. Nelle screams, “Look out!” as an oncoming car’s lights head towards them.

Back at GH, Robert walks in as Finn and Peter continue to argue about Anna, who Finn assures him is on her way back from Berkley. Robert is there to take Peter into custody, but Finn claims he can’t sign off on him yet, and it could take weeks for him to fully recover. Robert knows he’s stalling for Anna’s return, and warns Finn that he’ll take this up with the courts if he has to. He leaves, and Peter accuses Finn of having it bad for Anna. Finn receives a text message from Anna asking him to come to Berkley ASAP. Finn advises Peter uses his bought time wisely. He leaves and responds to Anna’s message that he’s on his way. Meanwhile, Robert calls Robin to speak to Anna, but Robin hasn’t seen her mother.

At the PCPD, Chase and Sonny watch the laptop feed go dark.

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