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At the Wydemere stables, Obrecht cackles as she sets the place ablaze. She tells Peter to give her regards to Cesar in hell. Obrecht walks out, leaving Nina and Peter trapped inside by the flames.

At Sonny’s, Sonny tells Jason that Diane should be calling soon after she visits Carly. However, he’s worried that there is little Diane can do for Carly. He also knows he is powerless where Mike is concerned and tells Jason about Mike’s breakdown. Sonny admits he no longer carries around the anger he used to hold toward his father. He hasn’t felt so close to his dad since he was a kid, and now he’s slipping away.

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In Ferncliff, Diane presents Mary Pat with a court order allowing her to see her client. She is shocked to find Carly in a padded cell and drugged. She gently talks to her and asks what drugs they have given her. Carly rambles that she doesn’t do drugs, and Sonny has to stop Michael from marrying Nelle. Mary Pat returns and informs Diane that her time is up. After Diane leaves, Mary Pat forces Carly to take some pills and gloats that Dr. Lazarus has something very special planned for her that is unorthodox. She smiles that when he’s through with her, Carly will be a changed woman.

Michael brings Nelle home from the hospital and offers to take her things up to her room, but she reminds him they are married now and she intends to share a bed with him.

Finn arrives at the PCPD for an update on Peter, but Jordan has no news. Curtis walks in and announces that Obrecht is the one who assaulted Franco. Chase releases Valentin from custody, and he rushes out. Chase later gets a call from Michael updating him on the situation with Nelle. Chase urges Michael not to tip Nelle off that they are laying a trap because she could turn deadly. Meanwhile Curtis and Finn continue discussing where Obrecht might have Peter. They realize the Spoon Island quarantine is fake and that may be where they are.

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At the docks, Lulu runs into Maxie, who is trying to get to Spoon Island. Lulu offers to take her on the Haunted Star’s zodiac, but only if she tells her what is going on. Maxie explains her fears that Obrecht has Peter on Spoon Island and Nina is in on it. Lulu begs her to let the police handle this, but Maxie is determined to save Obrecht and Nina from themselves. Valentin walks up and announces the launch is on its way.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Drew talks with Nelle. Nelle asks how he was able to get everyone to stop looking at him like he was a killer. Drew doesn’t look at himself as a killer, but she knows he has Jason’s memories and wonders how Jason was able to get away with the murders he committed. Drew suggests if she’s looking for inside knowledge on getting away with murder to look elsewhere. She apologizes and claims she just loves a good crime mystery. Michael returns and takes Nelle up to bed. Once Nelle falls asleep Michael slips out of the room. Nelle notices this and thinks about Chase warning her that Michael will abandon her and turn on her. Michael goes downstairs, chats with Drew, and pours himself a drink.

Valentin, Maxie and Lulu arrive on the island. Valentin finds Obrecht crying outside of the burning stables about how she’s sorry and Nina was right, this would break Nathan’s heart. Valentin realizes Nina is trapped in the fire and rushes in as Lulu calls the police for help. Maxie wants to go in after Valentin and Nina, but Lulu stops her because it’s too dangerous. She reminds Maxie to think about James and her daughter.

Obrecht makes it back to the docks where Curtis and Finn nab her. Jordan arrives and arrests the doctor. Obrecht tells Jordan to let Anna know, “Now we are even.”

Back on the island, Valentin braves the flames and finds an unconscious Nina, who he carries out. He performs CPR on her as Maxie realizes Obrecht is gone. Finn arrives and checks on Nina, who coughs and comes to. Nina cries that Peter is still in the stables.

Diane returns to Sonny’s place and briefs him and Jason on Carly’s condition. Sonny is furious, and Diane cautions him about doing anything because DA Dawson is waiting for him to make a mistake. She also warns Carly could be transferred to Darkham. Diane plans to petition for an independent evaluation of Carly’s mistreatment and have her transferred to Shadybrook.

At the PCPD, Chase gets a call from Nelle. Nelle cries he was right about Michael and she needs his help.

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