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In the hospital elevator, Michael and Chase talk over their plan and the detective wishes him luck. Michael heads down the hall where Kim has been examining Nelle. The doctor explains that Nelle was just suffering from severe heartburn. She congratulates them on their wedding. After she leaves, Nelle tells Michael hat she feels like a different person and can’t wait to start their new lives. He gets a message and claims he has to see Alexis about his will. Once he’s gone Chase stops by to apologize for kissing her. She concedes he may be right about Michael since he’s cutting her out of his will and leaving everything to their child. Nelle thinks that her husband is setting her up. The cop assures her that Michael is just acting like a rich person and suggests she stop stressing out. Over at the nurses’ station, Sam and Curtis question Liz about Franco’s relationship with Obrecht. Liz tells them that Franco has told the police all he knows. The PIs say they went to the station and Franco wasn’t there. Liz calls him, but he doesn’t pick up. The PIs stroll away. Sam is sure that Franco lied about going to the cops.

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At the Corinthos compound, Sonny and Jason wonder how they can stop Carly from making things worse for herself. Julian shows up and hands Sonny the photo of Charlie with Mike. Sonny claims their friendship was his inspiration for wanting to buy the pub. He wanted to have his dad work there and rekindle some memories. Julian still isn’t selling but says Mike is always welcome. After he exits, Jason wonders how much Jerome knows. Stone Cold suggests they force him to sell. Sonny suggests they just take him out. Jason agrees to that. Michael shows up and tells them he’s ready to move on to the next step of his plan. Sonny wants some details, but his son is reluctant. Jason encourages him to fill his father in. Michael explains he’s goading Nelle into murdering him with Chase’s help. Sonny has some doubts about this scheme. His son insists that Nelle is his problem to solve. He wants his blessing to take care of this. Sonny gives it, as long as Michael does something for him. Later, Sonny calls Chase over and warns that he will hold him responsible if Michael gets hurt.

At the Metro Court bar, Valentin recognizes the bartender, Chip, and demands to know who he is. Chip claims he’s an actor. Valentin remembers seeing him on the pier with Nina, pretending to be a DEC agent who wouldn’t let him on Spoon Island. Grabbing him by the collar, Valentin asks who he works for. Chip admits he was working for a woman. Valentin shows him Nina’s picture and Chip confirms it was her. Sam and Curtis show up and ask the Cassadine where Nina is and fill him in on their suspicions regarding Obrecht. He has a pretty good idea where Nina is and claims she took off on his jet. After he skips away, Sam says he’s lying. Spinelli has been keeping tabs on his jet and it hasn’t left in weeks.

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Franco runs into a crying Obrecht on the docks. She claims she’s been attacked by pollen. He says he knows what’s going on and wants to help. Finn has already gone to the police with what he knows. Franco warns that the cops will be coming for her and suggests they turn Peter in. He says she will lose everything if she kills him. Liesl says she’s already lost everything and has nothing to live for. “You still have me,” he says. They hug. He suggests she leave Port Charles for somewhere safe and he’ll tip off the cops about Peter’s whereabouts. She tells him he’s a good friend, but as soon as he turns his back, she clobbers him with a bottle. Obrecht admires how much he has changed for the better, but she can’t change and now knows what must be done. After she’s gone, Valentin shows up and finds Franco on the ground.

In the Wyndemere stables, Nina tells Peter that he’ll be safe from her aunt in prison. She makes him promise to keep her and Liesl out of this. He points out that she can’t trust him to do that. She says this is still the right thing to do. She’s sure he won’t seek revenge since it’s what his dad would do and he’s better than that. Peter agrees to do things her way. As she unties him, Obrecht shows up. She accuses her niece of betraying her and announces this is the end of the road for Peter.

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Kim drops by Charlie’s while Julian is going through boxes. She has some design ideas so the place will still feel ‘like us’. He’s not sure when the expansion will start. Jerome tells her about showing the photo to Sonny. She worries that he’s being drawn back into the criminal world. He assures her that he’s not. Kim says they will have to reconsider their situation if he is. She wants the man he’s come to be, not who he used to be. He offers to keep his distance from Sonny.

At the hospital, Nelle eavesdrops as Michael tells Jason about the will and his plans to file for divorce and custody.

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