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At GH, Valentin sees Finn due to the West Nile outbreak on Spoon Island. Finn notes he’s seen no news flashes from the CDC about an outbreak, but administers a blood test to ease his fears.

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In the halls of GH, Liz talks with Franco before getting back to work. Finn approaches Franco and believes Obrecht is holding Peter based on Wyatt’s story.

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In the stables at Wyndemere, Obrecht and Peter argue about Nathan’s death. Peter puts part of the blame for Nathan’s death on her because she knew the truth about Nathan’s father all along and if she had told him earlier maybe he could have been more prepared. She runs out in tears and Peter struggles to get out of his bonds.

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At the Metro Court, Nina tells Maxie she is not going to forgive Valentin no matter what romantic surprises he pulls. Nina picks up her food order, which Maxie notices is very large. She claims it’s comfort food and leaves. Maxie runs into the actor Nina hired to pretend to be with the Environmental Agency. It’s his first day at the Metro Court and he is trying to find the manager’s office, so she points him in the direction. After he leaves, Valentin arrives, and Maxie rants at him about pestering Nina and advises he leave her alone to heal and move on. Valentin doesn’t believe Nina is over him, and he won’t give up on her. Maxie storms off and Valentin heads to the bar for a drink. He recognizes the new bartender as the guy on the docks claiming Spoon Island was quarantined.

In the park, Jake and Jason learn the ballgame they were going to attend was canceled. Jason asks if he was able to warn his friend he also invited that the game was canceled. Drew approaches, and he’s the friend Jake invited. Jason and Drew both play cool and Jake brings up how hard it was when he returned to Port Charles, and that he didn’t get along with his brothers at first. Now they get along great, which is good because they are family. Drew thanks Jake for the invite but decides to get back to work since the game has been canceled. Drew leaves Jake and Jason, and they decide to go play some ball in the park. On his way out Drew is squirted in the back with mustard. DA Dawson, who fired the shot, apologizes for it and offers to pay for his dry cleaning. She gives him her card, and he notices she’s the new DA. They make small talk and think they may run into one another at a future game. Elsewhere, Jake and Jason talk after playing ball. Jake asks if he thinks Sam is worth going after. Jason explains Sam needs time on her own to decide what is right for her. Confused, Jake says he was referring to the baseball player David Sam, who was dropped by his team.

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Back at GH, Franco fills Liz in on Obrecht possibly kidnapping Peter. She advises he tell the police if he thinks there is the slightest chance she did it.

At the PCPD, Curtis and Sam speak with Jordan about their investigation, and their belief Obrecht has kidnapped Peter. Finn arrives stating he believes he has evidence on Peter August. He tells them the whole story about Wyatt and the cabin. Jordan leaves to make some calls. Franco walks into the station, only to dash out after seeing Finn. Finn returns to work, and Curtis kills time by asking Sam about Drew. She tells him she, Drew and Jason were all at the wedding without the world exploding. He suggests it’s time they both move on. Later, Jordan briefs Sam and Curtis that officers checked the cabin, which is abandoned, but it appears someone was held captive there. If they can find proof that Peter was there, then it should be enough to arrest Obrecht.

Nina returns to the stables with food, and Peter insists that it won’t be long before someone finds him. Peter tries to reason with her to turn the situation around before it ends badly for both of them. She yells at him to shut up because she has a way out for the both of them.

Finn returns to GH and runs into Liz. She explains that Franco told her about the cabin and Obrecht. Finn relays he just told the cops everything but left Franco out of it out of respect for her. She informs him Franco left a little while ago to tell the police too.

Franco makes his way to the docks and sees the posted quarantine sign. He looks over to find Obrecht standing there.

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