At the Metro Court, Ned begins Nelle and Michael’s wedding ceremony. Chase glowers at them from the bar. Carly storms in and yells that her son is not getting married today. Jason begs her not to do this. She shoves him aside and warns her son that Nelle is deadly. Michael tells his mom that this is what he wants. Chase is about to take Carly in, but Sonny tries talking him out of this and asks him just to drop her off at Ferncliff. Chase explains it’s already been called in. Ava smiles in the audience. Carly yells that Nelle had an accomplice. Sonny insists on going with Carly and Jason tags along. Everyone starts milling around. In her mourning wear, Bobbie corners Ava and accuses her of having Carly hauled off. Griffin watches them bicker while Joss tells Oscar that her mom doesn’t seem as insane as she thought. She wonders why she would risk so much to talk to Michael. Ava suggests that bride and groom resume the ceremony. Nelle gasps in pain. Michael calls Lucas over and they drive Nelle to the hospital. Sam and Drew look after Mike while Lulu, Bobbie and Brad worry about Nelle. Brad defends Nelle and suggests that she’s just in love with Michael and has no alternative motive. Griffin finally corners Ava and suggests she’s avoiding him and wonders if Carly was implicating her. Ava defends herself. They sit at the bar. She understands that he has compassion for Carly, but he should understand she has psychological problems. He keeps worrying. She reminds him that they have other legal issues to worry about and suggests that they talk advantage of the wedding day romance.

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Michael paces at the hospital. Lucas comes out and assures him that Nelle will be fine and they are keeping her in only as a precaution. Michael goes in to Nelle’s room. She’s eager to finish what they started and wants to get married tonight. Lucas joins them and Nelle repeats her desire to tie the knot immediately. Michael agrees and calls Ned to come over and officiate. He agrees but Olivia stays behind.

Sonny, Jason and Carly are brought to the PCPD by Chase. Jordan tells them that it’s up to a judge where Carly goes now. Michael calls Jason and tells him they are going ahead with the wedding. Carly begs Jason to stop it. He leaves with Chase and Sonny points out to his wife that she just made getting out of Ferncliff harder. They talk about losing Morgan and how it was the worst pain they ever felt. Carly refuses to lose another son. Sonny offers to call in some favors but his influence for getting her out is limited. Jordan interrupts and announces that Carly must return to Ferncliff.

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Sam and Drew take Mike back to the Corinthos compound. Things get awkward when Mike asks them how they met. Drew explains they used to be married. Mike senses the discomfort and goes off to bed. Sam admits to Drew that she doesn’t regret the time they spent together and she never will.

Joss and Ned arrive at the hospital. Nelle thanks her for coming. Jason arrives and Chase stands in the doorway for a moment before walking off. The ceremony resumes, the vows are made, and the rings exchanged. Ned pronounces them husband and wife. After the congratulations, Jason hands Ned a pen to sign the license and make it official. The OBGYN kicks all the guests out. Meanwhile, Brad tracks down Lucas and tells him that the birth mother passed the latest tests and they will soon be parents. Back down the hall, Chase surprises Nelle. She tells him he was wrong about Michael not loving her. Chase says the ring is just a piece of jewelry and it won’t change anything. When he points out that Michael left her alone on their wedding night, she nearly slaps him. After he leaves, she sneaks down the hall and eavesdrops on Michael and Joss. She tells him she caught Nelle and Chase kissing. Michael’s not worried and claims he has everything under control.

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Jason returns to the PCPD and updates Sonny. They discuss the Carly situation and Stone Cold insists no one could have stopped her. Sonny worries about what Mary Pat will do to his wife. He’s determined to dig up evidence against Nelle and wants to find a way to embarrass the DA.

Carly is brought back to her cell at Ferncliff. Rupert doesn’t know why she ruined her comfy set-up. She reminds him of who her husband is and threatens him. He reminds her that he is just an orderly and it’s Mary Pat she needs to worry about.

Ned joins Olivia and Lulu at the Metro Court. They find what happened today hard to believe. Liv toasts to the newlyweds and their bundle of joy.

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