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Ned pronounces Michael and Nelle husband and wife. As they kiss, Nelle stabs Michael in the stomach and walks away. Carly wakes up from this nightmare in Ferncliff and grabs the cellphone Jason left her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia and Ned talk with Michael as he gets ready for the wedding. Later he gets a call from Carly, who begs him not to marry Nelle. Michael promises her that everything will be okay, and she’s forced to cut the call short so she’s not caught.

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At the Corinthos house, Sonny, Jason, and Mike are their suits and ties for the wedding. Mike becomes confused as to who is getting married, and when they tell him it’s Michael, he wonders why nobody seems happy.

At the Metro Court, Nelle gets ready in a room. Ava walks in and notices the prenup. She warns Nelle that the Quartermaines don’t like to part with their money. Nelle thinks it won’t matter and says this marriage will be, “Till death do us part.” Down in the restaurant, Drew and Sam run into one another, while Oscar talks with Joss. She notices he’s wearing the cologne he got her. She heads to check on Nelle, while Oscar speaks with Sam and Drew. Later, Sam inquires of Drew why Oscar doesn’t visit Scout. He believes Oscar is just concerned because of the divorce. Sam says they are still a family and will talk to him. Meanwhile, Olivia, Ned, and Lulu arrive, followed by Sonny, Mike and Jason. Lulu can’t believe Michael wants this wedding and on Friday the 13th. Joss goes back to Nelle’s room and is surprised to see Ava there. She makes a snide remark that it’s too bad Morgan can’t be here for this special day. Ava leaves, and Joss surprises Nelle with a silver and blue hair clip, which is a family heirloom. It’s a loan and can be her something old, borrowed and blue.

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At GH, Lucas suggests to Brad they take a detour to the beach, but Brad scolds him and says they can’t skip out on the ceremony. They bicker about Nelle, who Brad believes deserves a second chance. Bobbie approaches the boys, who are stunned by her look, and tells them they should get going.

Bobbie, Lucas and Brad arrive at the Metro Court. Bobbie appears as if dressed for a funeral, and Olivia says, “That’s how you make a statement.” Brad goes up to see Nelle and gives her a necklace for luck. Later, Nelle is stunned when Chase barges into her room and once again begs her to run away with him. He pulls her into a kiss, which she reciprocates. Joss walks in on them, so Nelle quickly pushes Chase off and yells at him. Joss insists Chase get out, which he does. Joss feels they should tell Michael, but Nelle refuses and just wants to forget the whole thing and get on with the wedding. Josh appears suspicious. Down in the Metro Court, Ava meets Oscar and notices his cologne. He tells her Joss gave it to him. She later wonders to Griffin why Joss would give Oscar the cologne Morgan used to wear. Griffin recalls Carly talking about smelling Morgan’s cologne at his grave.

Back at Ferncliff, Carly begins throwing a tantrum, leading Mary Pat to call in Kevin. Carly explains to the doctor she needs to stop Michael’s wedding because she can’t lose another son. Kevin calms her down and leaves to inform Mary Pat that Carly is suffering a panic attack. Later, Mary Pat goes in to give Carly a sedative and gloats she won’t be getting out of here anytime soon. Carly grabs her by the wrist and exclaims, “Guess again!” When Kevin returns to check on Carly he sees someone wrapped in blankets on the bed and doesn’t bother them. A syringe falls out of the bed, and Mary Pat lays in the bed unconscious.

Jason goes to the Quartmaine Mansion after dropping Sonny and Mike off at the Metro Court. He again tries to convince Michael not to go through with the wedding, but Michael won’t listen.

Jason returns to the Metro Court and pulls Drew aside. He asks him to keep an eye out on Michael seeing they live under the same roof. Drew agrees to and assures Jason he cares about Michael too. Michael arrives and speaks with Sonny. He tells his dad about Carly’s call and asks him to go see mom and reassure her that he knows what he’s doing. The guests take their seats and the wedding march begins. Nelle walks down the aisle, and Ned begins the ceremony. When he asks for anyone who objects to speak now or forever hold their peace, Carly burst in and yells, “My son will not be getting married today!” Bobbie smiles.

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