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Michael arrives at Sonny’s and reveals to his dad and Jason that he and Nelle have pushed the wedding up and are marrying tomorrow. Jason doesn’t like it, but Sonny trusts his son. Sonny realizes he needs to break this news to Carly and leaves. Michael tries to reassure Jason, and explains he’s working with the PCPD and fills him in on the plan. Jason is furious and worries this will destroy his parents. Michael knows Nelle is in his family’s life because of him, and this is the only way to fix things.

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Sam and Curtis meet at the Metro Court and Curtis, where Sam has discovered the person in the surveillance video is wearing a specific brand of women’s shoes. They both have ideas who may have taken Peter. Jason interrupts them to talk to Sam about Michael’s plan, and knows he can’t stand by and let him go through with it. She gives him some of his own advice, that sometimes they have to do things they don’t want to. Speaking of which, Sam reveals to Jason her marriage to Drew is over. Elsewhere, Chase warns Nelle that this marriage to Michael won’t work, and it won’t be long before his family turns him against her. She asks what her alternative is, and Chase replies, “Me.” He proclaims he’s loved her since he first saw her and always will. Chase tells her she’s repeating old patterns and Michael isn’t right for her. Michael arrives and orders Chase to get away from Nelle. Chase leaves, and Nelle tells Michael that Chase is delusional. Michael has been making plans for the wedding and there is one final thing to discuss. He asks her to sign a prenup.

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At GH, Finn and Franco discuss Obrecht possibly kidnapping Peter, though Franco isn’t convinced. When Finn insists on going to the cabin, Franco tags along.

At the cabin, Peter convinces Nina to release him, and she begins to untie his bonds. Outside, Finn and Franco confront Obrecht about holding Peter hostage. Finn bursts into the cabin, only to find an empty bed. He looks around and notices the restraints, which match Wyatt’s story. He demands to know where Peter is. Obrect admits Wyatt did see someone tied to the bed. She claims in the wake of her son’s death she’s turned to kinky sex to dull her pain, and that is what the boy walked in on. Finn storms out, and Franco follows. After they are gone, Obrecht finds Nina, who stashed Peter in the cabin’s root cellar.

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Kevin visits Carly in Ferncliff. She informs him about Nelle’s visit and her attempts to goad her. Kevin can’t believe how calm she is about this. Carly reveals she slapped a smile on and didn’t let Nelle get to her. She outplayed her and felt like her old self. She doesn’t know why it took her so long to get there. She usually never lets people have that kind of power over her and in the past could have taken down Nelle easily. She believes she lost all perspective because she was so focused on protecting Michael and Joss like she couldn’t protect Morgan. Carly admits she takes responsibility for Morgan’s death because she and Sonny knew something was off with him before his death, but she and Sonny were afraid to let Morgan know they didn’t trust him. He tells her it’s time for her to start moving forward and decide what her life looks like now. Sonny arrives to see Carly, so Kevin leaves them to speak. Carly assumes he has news, and he breaks it to her that Michael and Nelle are marrying tomorrow. Carly keeps her cool, and Sonny assures her that they will survive this.

Finn and Franco return to GH. Finn is positive that Obrecht has Peter and wants to call the cops. Franco suggests he talk to Anna about this before he does anything rash. Finn walks off, and Franco furiously texts on his phone. Finn meanwhile makes a call to Anna and leaves her a message asking her to call him back to discuss her son.

Back at the cabin, Nina and Obrecht return Peter to the bed, and Nina demands her aunt give him the medication. She does, but then gets a text from Franco warning her that Finn is considering calling the cops. Obrecht thinks they have no choice but to get rid of Henrik, and she goes to smother him with a pillow. Nina snatches the pillow and vows her aunt will not harm Peter. Nina takes control and suggests a place to move Peter to that is safe.

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