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Nina and Obrecht take Maxie and her baby home. Maxie has a hard time stepping over the threshold without Nathan there. Dr. O assures her that he is still alive in James. Maxie steps in and welcomes the baby to the place where his father was the most alive. Liesl asks for a chance to hold her grandson. As soon as she does, she is in tears. Nina’s impressed by Obrecht’s compassion. When Maxie wanders off, Nina urges her aunt not to let Peter die. Dr. O sighs and leaves. After Nina helps Maxie change the baby, the blonde thanks her for all her help and for showing her how much she has to be grateful for. Nina wonders if she is still bitter about Peter. Maxie doesn’t want him dead. He made terrible choices but was also her friend. She wants to believe that he genuinely wanted to start over. She’s sure Nathan would have tried to see the best in him.

At the cabin, Peter and Wyatt hear Liesl yodeling in the woods. The kid hides under the bed as she comes in. Obrecht has decided his confession isn’t important anymore but getting rid of him is. She needs solitude to think this over and leaves. Wyatt comes out and Peter tells him to grab the doctor’s notebook and run. Later, Obrecht returns and tells Peter she wants to cut her losses. When she leans down to grab her hatchet, she finds Wyatt’s bugle and demands some answers. Nina pops up and claims it is her bugle. She plays it to calm herself. Obrecht prompts her to play. That flubs. Obrecht notices her notebook is gone so Peter screams until she leaves to get antibiotics. Peter wonders why Nina covered for him. She doesn’t think Maxie wants him dead. He wonders if this means she’ll let him go and suggests this could be her last chance to save herself.

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At Charlie’s, Scott warns Ava that he has news about Kiki and Griffin. She claims she already knows about the picture Bensch has of them together. Scott remembers seeing Griffin and Kiki arguing about their relationship. He reminds Ava that he has to act like a defense attorney and is legally obligated to bring forth evidence. Ava advises him to do it as ‘gently’ as possible. Over at the bar, Julian tells Sonny and Jason that he’s thinking about renovating. When he steps aside, Jason wonders how long it will be before they find the body. When Julian returns, Sonny tries to talk him out of renovating, but Jerome wants to build an event room. Sonny offers to buy the place. Julian turns him down. Sonny warns there might be trouble and exits, telling Jason to make some calls to delay renovations. Scott sits at the bar and is impressed by Julian’s ability to say no. He offers to help him with the permits for the renovation. Later, Julian goes through an old box and finds a photo of Mike and Charlie.

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Chase meets with Finn at the Metro Court. He’s surprised his brother wanted to see him. Finn awkwardly suggests they “let the bonding begin” and asks him about the search for Peter. The doctor gives him tickets to a baseball game out of town. Chase realizes they are for the weekend when his parents will be in town and guesses his brother is trying to avoid their father. He turns the gift down. Finn walks off. Across the room, Michael and Nelle sit and he tells her he wants to get married today. She wonders why they can’t have a real wedding. He says it’s to get rid of Chase. She goes off and talks to Olivia. When she returns, she tells Michael that she convinced Liv to close the restaurant tomorrow so they can get married there. After Michael leaves, Nelle strolls over to Chase and flaunts her upcoming wedding. Around the corner, Michael calls Jordan and tells her Nelle took the bait.

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At the hospital, Kiki thanks Griffin for not telling Alexis about them having sex. He thinks the lawyer still needs to know. Bensch interrupts. Kiki reminds him he’s not supposed to talk to her. He doesn’t want to; he wants to consult with his colleague. Later, Ava shows up and tells Griffin that she knows about the photo but is sure he was just being caring. A furious Kiki returns and says that the doctor she was supposed to shadow dropped out of the program. She’s sure Bensch is trying to destroy her and thinks she should drop the lawsuit. Ava talks her out of that and hugs her daughter. Kiki walks off to look for another mentor. Bensch bumps into her and taunts her. Meanwhile, Wyatt rushes into Franco’s office and tells him he found a man tied up to a bed in a cabin. “Adults are complicated,” Franco tells him. The kid insists this is serious, so Franco suggests he draw a picture. Wyatt draws an image of Peter and the woman who ‘talks funny’. Back down the hall, Liesl shows up, pokes her finger so she bleeds and then corners Bensch, requesting some meds. Finn gets off the elevator and is appalled to see her there. Wyatt and Franco come around the corner and the kid yells out that she’s the villain. Obrecht leaps into the elevator and Wyatt fills Finn in. He shows them the notebook and Finn recognizes the characters from Peter’s book.

When Sonny and Jason get to the Corinthos compound, Felix tells Sonny that there is a problem with his father. Mike has been upset that he’s letting Sonny down. Felix needs to help him calm down some more and returns to Mike. Sonny tells Jason that all this craziness about the body has to end tonight.

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