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At his place, Sonny tells Jason about Mike digging up the body he buried in Croton for Scully years ago and stashing it in the foundation of Charlie’s Pub. Jason worries the earthquake may have caused some damage and suggests they examine the place for themselves.

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Michael and Nelle arrive at GH for an appointment with Kim. Michael gets a text from Chase asking him to come to the station, and not to tell Nelle. He makes an excuse there is an ELQ emergency and rushes off, promising to try and return before the appointment. Elsewhere, Griffin warns Kiki that if called to testify that he won’t lie on the stand for her about their past. He also believes they should tell Alexis the truth. Alexis walk up and hears her name mentioned. Kiki claims they were just discussing the photo Bensch has. Alexis feels there is something they aren’t telling her. Kiki is just worried that this will hurt her mother. Alexis begs them to let her know of anything else if it affects the case, because the worst thing she can be is caught off guard in court. Kiki promises there is nothing. Alexis leaves, and Kiki thanks Griffin for continuing to keep their secret.

At Charlie’s, Ava talks with Julian when Scott walks in to see her, but Nelle arrives and insists Ava have brunch with her. Ava joins Nelle at a table where Nelle shows off her ring. Ava congratulates her. Nelle tries to convince Ava to give her the baby blanket, but Ava insists on keeping it safe. Nelle hopes Ava will at least come to the wedding, which Ava replies she will. After Nelle leaves, Scott joins Ava and informs her that he has news about Kiki and Griffin that may complicate things. Meanwhile, Sonny arrives and badgers Julian for some Corinthos Coffee while Jason examines the foundation in the basement. Jason later joins Sonny and reports everything seems solid. Julian serves Sonny his coffee and reveals business is going so well that he’s thinking about tearing down the back office and expanding.

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Lulu arrives at Maxie’s place after getting her invite. Maxie feels they need to take their minds of their problems and has some KFC set out. Maxie’s phone buzzes and she reveals it’s a text from her good friend Colonel Sanders, who is in town and coming over. Lulu doesn’t believe her until Colonel Sanders, (played by George Hamilton), walks through Maxie’s door. They all enjoy some KFC and Lulu asks how Maxie knows the Colonel. The Colonel explains years ago a contractor for the syndicate hacked into his mainframe to steal his secret recipe, but Maxie and Spinelli helped thwart the attack. He has come to see Macie because he needs to hide something important. Maxie has an trinket box with a secret compartment. Colonel Sanders produces an envelope with his secret recipe and asks her to hold onto it because the syndicate is still after it. Lulu and Maxie promise not to peak at the recipe, and he tells them to, “Stay crispy, and stay humble.” He leaves, and Lulu thanks Maxie for inviting her over. She loved meeting the Colonel, but really enjoyed hanging out with Maxie. Maxie gets a call from the hospital letting her know she can come get James. Lulu offers to help Maxie get ready.

Wyatt returns to the cabin looking for his bugle. He grabs it and Peter asks if he told anyone he is here. Wyatt didn’t because nobody would believe him. Wyatt thought as a PC pioneer scout he was supposed to help people. Wyatt notes there is no badge for helping a guy strapped to a bed. Peter tells him he is being held prisoner, so by telling people about him, he’d be showing initiative, which is what the scouts are about. Wyatt reveals he did bring him some smores. Peter points out he needs to be untied to eat them, so Wyatt begins to work on Peter’s bonds.

At the PCPD, Chase speaks with Jordan about his plan to nail Nelle. Michael arrives, and Chase explains he has a plan to trap Nelle, but for it to work Chase says, “You need to die.” Once he’s briefed, Michael agrees to the plan, but worries it is cruel to his family. Michael leaves, and Jordan warns Chase that Michael better not get hurt in this plan. Chase is sure his plan will work and provide the DA with an airtight case against Nelle.

Michael and Nelle meet back at GH. Michael surprises Nelle by suggesting they get married today.

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