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At the Quartermaine mansion, Sonny decides to go see Carly to tell her about the engagement before someone else does. He leaves, and Jason asks Michael why he’s marrying this woman. Michael explains he needs to keep Nelle close in order to protect his child but swears his eyes are open and he won’t be played by her again. Jason urges him to call him if he needs anything. Jason exits.

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Julian and Kim arrive at the Metro Court to celebrate the Fourth of July. Nearby Lucas and Brad ask Sam to be their baby’s godmother. She’s touched, accepts, and they all toast. Julian intercedes to simply wish them all happiness and then leaves them. After he’s gone, Sam warns Lucas not to let Julian near his child. Lucas explains that Julian has been very respectful of all they’ve asked of him, but Sam doesn’t trust him. Julian returns to Kim and admits he’s worried about Lucas and this closed adoption. Kim realizes that’s why he was asking about birth records the other day. Julian doesn’t want his son getting hurt. Kim councils that some things are out of his control. Later, Sam departs, and Julian, Kim, Lucas, and Brad watch the fireworks from the balcony.

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At Liz’s place, Liz and Terry catch up over some wine. Cam Spencer, (played by Cade McWatt), comes downstairs, tells his mom he’s headed to the park for the fireworks, and jets out. Franco returns, and Liz introduces him to Dr. Terry Randolph. Franco smiles at the fact that she was Liz’s first kiss, but Terry points out she went by he at the time. Liz gives Franco some wine and they discuss Terry’s decision to transition. Terry explains she didn’t fully understand who she was until later in childhood, though even as a young boy she knew something was off. In her teens, she became depressed, and when she came out, her parents and especially her brother wanted nothing to do with her. Liz is sad for her because she and her brother Shawn were so close. Terry admits she’s been rejected by a lot of people in her life. Liz is shocked when she figures out Terry came to see her not sure if she’d accept her. Liz assures her that she is her friend and she loves her. It’s late and Terry has to go because she has a consult at GH in the morning. Liz is excited she’s going to be working at GH, and insists she come to their wedding. Terry accepts and is glad Liz has found Franco.

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Joss and Oscar grab a picnic spot in the park to enjoy the fireworks when Cam busts in on their alone time. He is working at Lila’s kids and asks if they will be too. Oscar has an internship with his father’s company, but Joss is going to be there. Cam thinks they can at least hang out and cracks jokes about her old corn obsession. Cam leaves them alone to enjoy the fireworks.

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Nelle visits Carly in Ferncliff to let her know she forgives her. Carly thanks her, keeps her cool, and plays nice with Nelle. Nelle drops the bomb on Carly that Michael proposed, and they are planning to wed as soon as possible to be a family with the baby. Carly thinks it is amazing they are getting married for the baby’s sake, but those marriages don’t always work out. Rupert interrupts to bring Sonny in, and Sonny furiously orders Nelle to leave. She departs, and Carly begs Sonny to do whatever it takes to stop this wedding. Sonny trusts Michael knows what he’s doing and that Michael doesn’t trust Nelle. Sonny gives Carly the good news about the invisible ink on the flier she found, and that they are working to tie it to Nelle. He promises her that the next Independence Day they celebrate will be hers.

Jason goes to the footbridge to think. Sam arrives with Danny to watch the fireworks and they are surprised to see Jason. Danny asks his dad to watch the fireworks with them. He accepts the invitation and hoists Danny on his shoulders as they explode overhead.

Nelle returns to the mansion and confesses to Michael that she went to see Carly and tell her about the wedding. She worries Carly will never accept her. Michael believes eventually his mom will come around and give in and that everything will be fine. As the fireworks begin they head to the patio to watch them.

Cam returns home early, which surprises Liz. He tells her about running into Joss, who is also working at Lila’s. He heads to his room, though seems down. The fireworks begin, so Liz and Franco go out to the patio to watch them.

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General Hospital will air a re-run for the Fourth of July holiday and return with a new episode on Thursday July 5.