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At Ferncliff, Rupert interrupts Carly and Sonny’s reunion. Sonny takes Rupert aside and bribes him to make sure his wife is safe in here, which the orderly agrees to. Sonny lets Carly know that he believes Nelle set her up and vows she will pay for it. Sonny has to leave when Rupert informs them visiting hours are over. Once alone the patient in the next room begins taping on the walls. Carly retrieves the phone Jason gave her and downloads a Morse Code app. She uses it to find out the patient is taping out SOS.

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Chase runs into Nelle at Kelly’s and they argue about their past. He takes her hand and admits he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since he saw her. He feels she doesn’t belong with Michael just like she didn’t belong with Zack. He believes they belong together.

At Charlie’s, Kim and Julian are interrupted by Alexis, who thanks Julian for coming to therapy with her. She gives him the deed to her house as a way to pay him back and get closure. He wants her to keep the house, which he bought for her, and think of it as a way to move past the past.

At GH, Franco and Liz discuss the sexual harassment signs that have been posted around the hospital. Franco wishes these new policies had come earlier when Kiki needed them. Meanwhile, Michael runs into Nurse Francesca after a board meeting. Kiki watches from afar as Francesca tells Michael she wanted to let him know there are no hard feelings over the two of them not working out. She rushes off, and Michael wonders what that was about. Michael talks to Kiki and says she is very brave for stepping forward about Bensch. Kiki feels if she can’t prove what Bensch did then she’s just the girl who cried wolf. Michael is sure she will. He leaves, and Francesca approaches Kiki to discuss the lawsuit. Francesca is having second thoughts about coming forward. Kiki advises her to do what is best for her. Later Kiki calls Alexis, who is still at Charlie’s, and tells her she will meet her there.

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Ava finds Griffin at Sonny’s gym working out with a bag. She assumes he’s taking his frustrations about Kiki and Bensch out on it, though he was really dwelling on having sex with Ava’s daughter.

Michael walks into Kelly’s and Nelle immediately pulls away from Chase and cries, “Let go of me!” Michael threatens Chase with a restraining order and sees Nelle out.

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Back at GH, Griffin and Ava run into Franco and Liz. Liz and Griffin have to get to work, so Franco offers to buy Ava a cup of coffee. They leave, and Liz gets a message from someone she hadn’t heard from in years and it makes her smile.

At Charlies, Julian explains to Kim that he and Alexis did go to therapy, and then he surprises her with a trip to Florence. Meanwhile, Kiki meets with Alexis and brings Francesca, who is willing to testify against Besnch. Francesca details months of harassment by the doctor, and even having sex with him when he threatened her career. Alexis agrees to file the lawsuit, but warns them that the other side will dig up any bit of dirt or scandal they can about the two of them. However, she looks forward to burying Bensch in court and sending him back to the stone-age where he belongs.

Franco and Ava grab coffee at Kelly’s and discuss what to do about Bensch. Franco won’t revert to old ways, and notes Kiki is handling this the right way. They both agree if the right way doesn’t work then maybe something will have to be done.

Michael takes Nelle back to the Quartermaine mansion. Nelle informs Michael that Chase told her she was crazy to think she belonged with him, and she realizes he’s right. She leaves to rest, and Sonny drops by. He tells him about his visit with his mom, who wants Michael to stay away from Nelle. Michael can’t because he feels it is up to him to make things right because he pulled Nelle back into their lives. He swears to his dad that he knows what he’s doing. Sonny leaves and Nelle returns. She asks if someone was here. Michael says Sonny dropped by to give him an update on his mom. Nelle hopes he doesn’t believe the terrible things his mom says about her. Michael assures Nelle that he believes in her. Michael asks Nelle to marry him.

Sonny finds Chase beating the bag at his gym. Chase tells Sonny he wants to help get Carly out and feels this time they are both on the same side.

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