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At the Quartermaine estate, Nelle searches the floor for the perfume bottle that vanished. Michael is perplexed to walk in on this. He tells her he found the bottle in the medicine cabinet. It’s not the one she was looking for, but she pretends it is. She worries about Chase ‘stalking’ her and wonders if she should report him. Michael asks about her having sex with the detective and reporting him. She claims that he stalked her and threatened to falsify evidence to use against her. He accepts that but wishes she’d have trusted him and told him all of this. They talk about their future and she leaves to see Joss.

Outside of Kelly’s, Kim, Drew and Joss all congratulate and tease Oscar for winning a writing award. Joss is glum watching the proud parents. The parents go inside to get a table and Joss gives Oscar a compass to take on his hiking trips. He loves it and her. She gives him the bottle of cologne too. They sit down and he tells her how strange it is to have two caring parents. He asks if she’s going to write her mom a letter. She doesn’t want to talk about it, so he asks about Nelle. That makes her upset. She cries and rants about her family problems before running off. Inside, Drew teases Kim about how over-the-top she’s been celebrating and mortifying their son. She claims she tempered her plans using her ‘Drew filter’. When Kim brings up Julian, she points out that things have become strained between Oscar and him. She suspects this is because Oscar wants his parents to reunite. Oscar joins them. He tells them about saying the wrong this to Joss. They are sure things will be fine. He shows them the compass and cologne and squirts some on.

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Jason shows up at the Corinthos compound and informs Sonny that he was fired from Ferncliff. Sonny assumes Carly will be fine with Kevin, but Jason is less confident. He tells him how scary Mary Pat is and worries that Carly might crack and make plans before they can help her. Joss comes in with her award. They congratulate her and say Carly will be proud of her. When Sonny takes off, Joss cries to Jason about not going to see her mom. He assures her that her mom knows she loves her and promises that she will come home. Later, she works on a letter to her mom. Nelle drops by. She apologizes to Joss for not showing her much attention. She asks if she’s seen her cologne bottle. Joss claims she grabbed it by accident and threw it away after spilling most of it. Once Nelle departs, Joss gets back to working on the letter.

Things are still tense between Dante and Chase at the PCPD. Chase insists he’s on his side in the battle against Nelle. He points out how many conflicts of interests they both have where Nelle is concerned. This means that they need to make sure what they get on her is water-tight. Sonny shows up to thanks his son for his help. After he leaves, Dante gets an idea. He suggests that Chase reach out to Nelle and use any lingering feelings she may have for him.

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Carly paces her cell in Ferncliff. She pulls out the burner phone Jason gave her just as Mary Pat walks in. The nurse demands to see what she’s holding. Carly hands her a diary. Mary Pat flips through it and gloats that Jason is gone. When the patient on the other side of the wall starts tapping, the nurse yells at them to stop. Mary Pat explains that her neighbor is dangerous and Carly should not engage with him. Once the nurse exits, the knocking starts again. Carly tries to focus by doing sit-ups. Meanwhile, Mary Pat goes next door and whips out a syringe for the patient. Once they are silenced, the nurse returns to Carly’s room and allows Sonny in for a visit. Carly is ecstatic.

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Jason visits Michael at the Quartermaine estate. Michael beats himself up over letting Nelle ruin his mom’s life. He’s ready to risk his own life to get her out, confident that Nelle will make a mistake and he’ll be there when it happens. Jason is sure that he and Spinelli can get her, but Michael is adamant about seeing this through.

Nelle bumps into Oscar at Kelly’s. She notices his cologne and he explains Joss gave it to him.

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