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In Ferncliff, the orderly brings Carly her dinner. She spills the plates he’s carrying, and he leaves in a huff after ordering Jason to clean up the mess. Jason talks with Carly as he cleans and warns her again to keep her cool and not cause problems. Carly admits she couldn’t make it in here without him and agrees to be patient and not take shortcuts to get out. Jason relates his story of planning his escape from the Russian clinic, which took months once he began to regain control of himself. The orderly returns and Jason tells him the place is all clean.

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At Charlie’s, Mike remembers knowing Charlie back when Sonny was about 18 years old. Sonny is sure he’s mistaking him for someone else, which agitates Mike. DA Dawson walks in and wonders if there is a problem. Sonny explains there is no problem, and this is his father. Sonny sends Mike off to get them a refill of coffee and then has words with Dawson. He accuses her of trying to get to him through his wife. The DA claims she only did her job, and she prosecuted his wife accordingly just like she will him should he make a wrong move. She storms out, and Sonny apologizes for upsetting his dad. Sonny steps out and makes a call to Max and has him look into Charlie Delaney.

At The Floating Rib, Sam and Curtis discuss their search for Peter. Sam is sure Valentin is helping Peter hide out somewhere nearby and suggests they search Peter’s hotel room for anything the cops may have missed.

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In her office at the Metro Court, Nina is shocked to find Valentin has decorated it like the tent they shared in Morocco. He professes his love for her, but she states she no longer loves him because she can’t trust him. She blurts out that her brother is dead because of him and now she’s had to take justice into her own hands. He asks what she means, and she brushes his question off. He offers to help her if she’s in trouble, but she insists she can take care of herself. He reminds her that it was he who cleaned up the mess with Cassandra, and without him she would have been in big trouble. She wonders if he’s trying to blackmail her. Sam and Curtis break into Peter’s old room and begin searching. Suddenly DA Dawson enters and demands to know why they are in her room.

At GH, Julian tells Alexis he’s agreed to go to therapy with her, so she suggests they start immediately. They head into Kevin’s office, and Alexis explains that she believes many of her issues, and relationships, have been influenced by her parents’ destructive relationship. Alexis admits she runs from stable and attentive men and is attractive to destructive men and relationships. They quickly end up arguing about their past until Kevin calls a cease fire and suggests they implement more structure to the session. Kevin asks why Julian felt encouraged to pursue Alexis when he first came to town seeing he was a criminal and she was an attorney. He wanted a chance for redemption. He saw goodness in her and thought maybe he could be a better man with her. He explains he fell in love with both her and the idea of being a better man. Julian thinks they both were trying to break a cycle of violence from their pasts and he wish they had been able to. The session ends, and Julian agrees to go to more sessions with Alexis because they both have issues to address so they can move on with their lives. She thanks him and offers to repay the favor one day, if he can think of a way for her too. Elsewhere Lucas runs into Brad outside of the nursery. They are excited about their own baby, but Lucas can’t stop worrying the birth mother may change her mind and take the baby back. Brad is sure Alexis will do everything she can to protect them and the child. Lucas continues to worry. Brad reminds him there is the potential for disaster all around them, but there is also reason to hope. He promises nothing will stop them from being amazing parents.

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Back at Ferncliff, from her room, Carly hears a mysterious scream in the distance. In the halls, Jason hears a patient in a nearby room screaming. Kevin arrives, and Jason inquires who is the patient is.

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