nurse eavesdrops on kiki

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At GH, Nurse Francesca tells Mike and Sonny that Dr. Monroe reports the medication Mike is on seems to be having a positive effect. Sonny suggests to Mike they take a trip to the old neighborhood. At the nurses’ station, Kiki notices a doctor brush her off, and vents to Liz that other doctors are also giving her the cold shoulder. Lulu arrives, and unfortunately has found nobody else to corroborate Kiki’s story about Bensch but believes they will eventually get him. Later, Francesca, having overheard Kiki and the others earlier, speaks with Kiki in private. She tells Kiki that she admires her courage in coming forward.

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At Charlie’s, Julian is shocked by Alexis’ request to go to therapy with her. He informs her that he’ll need to discuss this with Kim to make sure she’s okay with it. Alexis leaves, and Julian speaks with Kim about Alexis’ request. Kim tells Julian he doesn’t need her permission to do this. Julian has a lot of other things he’d rather do than go over his relationship in therapy, and he worries it will do more harm than bring closure. Kim has to get to work but tells Julian she’ll support whatever he decides. Mike and Sonny arrive and grab some coffee. Sonny brings up their Croton discussion from the other day, but Mike doesn’t recall it. Mike looks at the old pictures hanging in the bar and recognizes a man. Sonny says it’s the original owner Charlie Delaney, and Mike used to live across the street from him. Mike knows him from before Port Charles, back when Sonny was around eighteen. Meanwhile, Brad drops by and thanks Julian for the family information he pulled together for Lucas. Julian asks if he knows what hospital their birth mother is using, recalling Kim telling him that her name would be on record as a patient until she gives birth. Brad doesn’t, but Alexis does as she is handling the adoption.

Finn and Anna share a kiss at the Floating Rib when Obrecht walks in and makes a snide comment about their unacceptable PDA. Finn has an errand to run, and Anna confronts Obrecht about her hostile attitude. Anna tries to make peace and notes they both hated Faison. Obrecht laughs if Anna thinks they can be anything but enemies, but says they do have one thing in common, they’ll both never see their sons again.

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Valentin drops by Nina’s office at Crimson when she’s not there. He makes some calls at her desk when Finn appears. Finn came to see Valentin and warns him to stay out of Anna’s life or else. Valentin warns him to tread lightly with his threats.

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At the cabin, Nina checks on Peter, who is pale, unconscious and doesn’t stir when she shakes him. He eventually comes to, and she thinks he was playing her. She’s done with his lies because there was no flash drive found in his hotel room like he claimed. He swears he dropped it and tries to convince Nina that Obrecht means to kill him and the two of them won’t get away with this.

Back at GH, Liz drops files off for Kim at her office. Kim speaks to Liz about her issues with Julian and Alexis, who wants him to go to therapy with her. She doesn’t like it but didn’t want to say so and seem like a jealous girlfriend. However, she thinks it’s moot because Julian seems to have decided against it. In the hall, Alexis speaks with Kiki and Lulu. Kiki admits nobody else has come forward. Alexis warns her without anyone else it will be hard for them to win a lawsuit. Nearby, Francesca listens. Alexis warns Kiki not to make Bensch’s name public either because he could countersue her for defamation of character. Lulu tells Kiki she is sure someone else will come forward. Alexis leaves, and Francesca approaches Lulu and Kiki and admits Bensch did the same thing to her. By the elevator, Julian runs into Alexis. He has decided to go to therapy with her.

Finn returns to The Floating Rib, where Anna tells him about her conversation with Obrecht, and that she thinks the doctor knows something about her son. Finn admits he went to see Valentin and warned him to stay out of her life.

Obrecht returns to the cabin where Nina warns her aunt she won’t be an accomplice to her resorting to violence should she be planning to. Obrecht assures Nina she won’t diverge from their plan to get a confession. Nina leaves, and Obrecht taunts Peter with a juicy barbeque sandwich.

Nina returns to her office, which Valentin has decorated like the tent they shared in Morocco.

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