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Dr. Bensch corners Alexis at the hospital. He wants to hire her to get him out of a legal jam. Bensch insists he’s not the ‘ogre’ in Kiki’s story and wants to prepare for a defamation case. She informs him that she’s Kiki’s attorney and plans to bury his career. He reminds her that they dated. Alexis explains she has bad judgment with men and jumps on the elevator.

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Julian and Kim arrive at Charlie’s and make out as they discuss their camping trip. She takes off as Alexis calls him to announce she’s coming over. Inside, Oscar tries to cheer up Joss by sporting a French fry mustache. She’s upset about her mom being in Ferncliff. He’s sorry. She changes the topic. He complains about his mom spending time with Julian. His mom shows up. Joss gets upsets and runs out in tears. Kim chases after her and gives her a cuddle. She tells her that there are a lot of misconceptions about places like Ferncliff. That doesn’t help and Joss rushes off. Back inside, Julian talks with Oscar and complains about mosquito bites. Oscar hopes that’s enough to scare him off, but Julian doesn’t scare easily. Alexis and Kim stand in the doorway. Alexis is shocked to hear Julian went camping. She takes Julian aside and asks him to go to therapy with her. He’s perplexed. She has issues and needs him to help her work them out. He would like to help but needs to think about this.

Griffin runs into Kiki at The Floating Rib. They talk about her story going public. She’s concerned that no one else is coming forward. Now she’s stuck in the uncomfortable position of hoping he’s done this before. Besides, going to court may not be good for her. She’s no saint. He’d like to help her and insists they only made one mistake. She doesn’t want to make that mistake again. It would blow up everything she has with her mom.

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Michael goes to the PCPD and asks Chase if he is stalking Nelle. The detective tells Michael that the case of Nelle’s dead fiancé is cold, not closed. Dante joins them and Michael informs his brother that Chase has a history with Nelle. Chase explains that he was investigating Nelle, she seduced him and then exposed their dalliance, so he would be reprimanded and put off her trail. He admits he hasn’t developed much of a case. Michael advises him to work on this far away and walks off. When Chase turns around, Dante is scowling at him. He points out that Chase’s behavior has opened up the department to a lawsuit. Plus, it doesn’t exactly make him trustworthy. They argue about how dangerous Nelle is. Chase is sure that Nelle is behind Carly’s situation.

Ava tracks down Nelle at the Quartermaine estate. They argue about the evidence they have on each other. Ava doesn’t believe she’s deleted the incriminating photos. Jerome tells her about the Kiki situation. It has reminded Ava that she could always lose everything she’s gained. She advises Nelle to get rid of any evidence that could possibly set Carly free. Once Ava exits, Nelle pulls out the perfume she used on Morgan’s grave. Joss shows up and tells Nelle how sad the institution Morgan was in was. She asks Nelle about her time in an institution. Michael wanders in with a delivery for Nelle. When she opens it, she’s startled to see it is a shirt from a bar she went to in Florida. She claims Chase must have sent it. Joss is confused but no one is explaining anything. After she exits, Michael tells Nelle to relax. When she looks in her purse, she notices her perfume is gone. When she goes off to take a bath, he grabs her laptop and runs a program to mirror its contents onto his. He finds an order for the t-shirt.

Joss sits in a café with the perfume.

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Ava shows up at the hospital and asks Bensch if he wants to talk about art for his office. He informs her that he can’t patronize her business and suggests he ask her daughter why. She guesses he’s the one who has been harassing Kiki. He defends himself, but she insists that her daughter is not a liar and threatens him. Kiki and Griffin walk in. Bensch claims Kiki came on to him and Ava slaps him. Griffin rushes over and breaks them up. After Bensch leaves, Ava suggests that they come up with an alternative solution if the court case doesn’t work. She asks Kiki what her grandfather would do. Kiki doesn’t want anyone fighting her battles.

At Ferncliff, Kevin visits Carly. He spots Jason in his custodian’s outfit. “This is not a god idea,” he tells Stone Cold. Mary Pat comes over and is surprised to see that Kevin recognizes the custodian (Jason). Dr. Collins and Mary Pat bicker. He wants more time with his patient, but the nurse disagrees. The doctor pulls rank and the nurse ushers out the other patients, leaving Carly alone with Jason and Kevin. The doctor tells Jason that he has to quit today. Carly shakes her head. Kevin insists that he can look after Carly. He can come and go and Mary Pat can’t tell him what to do. Besides, if Jason is caught, things will be a lot worse for Carly. She and Jason refuse to listen.

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