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Anna and Finn wake up in his bed at the Metro Court and enjoy some morning sex. She reflects on all the stuff she has to work through with Robin, but admits she feels lighter without the secrets and being with him. Anna’s stomach rumbles, so he suggests they get some food. Down in the restaurant, Alexis gives Sam the papers finalizing the sale of her half of Aurora to Drew. Alexis has decided she needs her own clean slate and tells Sam about her sessions with Kevin, and repeating her mother’s mistakes in choosing the wrong men. Sam notices Alexis’ watch. Alexis explains it was her mother’s and a gift from Mikkos. Valentin gave it to her along with a photo of her mother. She admits in the photo her mother didn’t look like a victim, just her mom.

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At the PCPD, Chase thanks his old partner Abby over the phone for sending his files on Janelle Benson. He looks through them and flashes back to interviewing Nelle shortly after Zack drowned. He asked why she and Zack chose to leave Florida and vacation in Maine. She claimed it was Zack’s idea to put space in between him and his family though admits going kayaking was her idea. She cried that she couldn’t save Zack once he began drowning and would have died with him had she tried. Chase’s partner questioned her about Zack changing his will shortly before they went on vacation, which Nelle swore was his idea. Chase and his partner conferred, and he believed Nelle was innocent. Abby thought Nelle played the helpless victim too well, but it was his call. He released Nelle. Chase later recalled going to Florida because Nelle was being harassed by Zack’s family. He was supposed to meet her at a diner, but she surprised him at his motel and seduced him. Chase flashes to them having sex and promising to take care of everything for her.

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At The Floating Rib, Nelle tells Michael about her past with Chase, who was the investigator in Zack’s death up in Maine. Nelle claims Chase was vicious and would do anything to get ahead. Michael asks if Maine was really the last time she saw Chase. She admits he followed her back to Florida. Nelle flashes to visiting Chase at his motel room where he was draped in only a towel. Her version of events differ drastically from Chase’s memories and paint Chase as the instigator. She cries to Michael that she knew getting involved with Chase was wrong, and something was off with him, but she was drowning and he was her lifeline. She says Chase promised to protect her but instead became obsessed with her. Nelle recalls after seducing Chase, she convinced him to run out to get them food, and once alone she called the police to report unsavory conduct of an officer happening at the motel. Meanwhile, Finn and Anna grab a nearby table. They spotted Alexis at the Metro Court and left because Finn didn’t want to rub their relationship in her face.

Scott talks with Liz at GH about the upcoming wedding. Liz is planning to keep it simple. In Kevin’s office, Franco tells the doctor he wants to give Liz the wedding of her dreams given what he’s put her through. Kevin wants to give him a wedding gift, free counselling sessions to keep him on the right track. Franco thanks him and jokes he can’t turn down free therapy. Franco leaves and joins Liz and his father in the hall. Scott gets a text and has to leave. Franco asks Liz again if she’s okay with her family not coming to the wedding. She is.

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In the dayroom at Ferncliff, Mary Pat notes to orderly Rupert (played by Patrick Cox) that Carly seems different this morning. Rupert informs Mary Pat that Dr. Collins changed Carly’s meds. Mary Pat checks on Carly, who is working on a puzzle, and then commends Jason on his excellent janitorial work. He thanks her, and Carly hears his voice and turns to see Jason mopping the floor. Later, Kevin arrives and Mary Pat questions him about altering Carly’s medications. Kevin scoffs and notes he does not need her permission or advice in treating his patients. Kevin talks with Carly, who thanks him for dealing with her meds. He tells her to stay the course and he’ll be able to approve her release soon. As Kevin goes to leave he spot Jason and blurts out his name. Mary Pat and Rupert take note.

On a mysterious computer, a person likes a post on social media from Sarah Webber congratulating Liz on her upcoming wedding.

Back at the PCPD, Michael confronts Chase and asks if he is stalking Nelle.

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