At the restaurant, Sonny asks his father about the missing body. Mike admits he took it. Tearfully, Mike explains that he just wanted to protect him for once. His son asks him where the body is. Mike starts to laugh. Dante walks in and his grandfather says he has a great story for him. Sonny reminds his dad that Dante is a cop and gets uncomfortable. He takes Dante aside and they chat about Carly being in Ferncliff. The cop urges him not to use his power to try and get her out of there since it mind just land her in Pentonville. Dante asks Mike what his story was. Sonny gets between them and makes an excuse to get rid of Dante. When Sonny asks his father what happened next with the body, Mike is confused.

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Curtis, Jordan and Stella are at the Metro Court. They explain they’ve chosen to get married there. They sit down and the couple tell her they want the ceremony to be intimate. Aunt Stella says they should take their time and let it be perfect. He leaves for work and Stella tries to excuse herself, but Jordan wants her to stay and talk. Jordan wishes she could make amends. Stella tells her she’d have to raise the dead. Jordan says they are bound by Curtis and TJ. Life is long and she’s not going to drag around her past sins, but he will spend the rest of her life making Curtis happy. Stella appreciates that. As she leaves, she finds a flashdrive on the floor and hands them in. They get dropped into the lost and found. When she heads to the elevator, she calls Shondra and tells her all about Curtis.

Maxie is at the hospital visiting her baby. Lulu and Amy watch them through the glass. Amy tells her that she’s all set to go on the record for #GHtoo. Amy says she hasn’t been overtly harassed, but she’s been judged on her appearance and people have said she’s a ditz. Lulu says she’s very brave to admit that. After Amy takes off, Maxie comes out and they are awkward with each other. Lulu says she wants to bring a present for the baby. Maxie points out they are not ‘besties’ again and she’s not over what she did. Lulu encourages her to give James her attention now, not Peter.

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Nina tracks down Drew at The Floating Rib. She apologizes for bringing Peter into their lives, but he insists it wasn’t her fault. Nina beats herself up for not trusting her instincts. He’s surprised when she brings up the flashdrive. Drew doubts it still exists and is resigned to not knowing his past. He suggests she leave her obsession with Peter aside. Curtis joins them and explains there isn’t a trace of Peter. After Nina rushes off, Curtis tells Drew that his new case is connected to him. Then he asks him to be his best man. Drew happily agrees.

Obrecht runs into Kim and Julian in the woods. She claims she’s taking some ‘me time’ to mourn. Julian warns her of the rattle snakes. Peter yelps in the distance. Kim realizes someone must be in trouble. Obrecht claims it is just some therapeutic primal screaming and starts yelling as she walks away. Kim looks around for snakes and then tells Julian that they should follow the screams. He believes Obrecht’s story and asks Kim to lotion him up. They discuss the pleasures of camping and then have sex in their tent.

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Peter is in the cabin, screaming while a rattling snake darts its tongue at him. Obrecht shows up and tosses the snake outside. “All ist gut! (All is good!)” she declares. She drugs him and taunts him for not being a man. Obrecht sadly talks about Faison and how great he could have been if he hadn’t become a madman. She advises her captive to get to work on his confession. He reminds her it will be inadmissible and his mother will come looking for her. That reminds Liesl of something. She lights a candle for his birthday cupcake and suggests he celebrate like it will be his last.

Nina runs into Jordan at the Metro Court. She tells her Crimson is looking for a flashdrive Peter had that they need. Jordan says they haven’t found any of those. Nina sits down beside the lost and found and wonders if Peter was telling her the truth about the flshdrive.

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