In the cabin, Peter’s feverish. He asks Obrecht to help him. She thinks he deserves to suffer because of Nathan. Nina arrives and tells Obrecht that Curtis and Sam have been hired to find Peter. When Obrecht steps out, Peter begs Nina for help. Obrecht returns and Nina orders her to get Peter antibiotics or she’ll call 911. Obrecht leaves and Peter tells Nina she’s better than this. He  uses Maxie and Charlotte to soften Nina up but it doesn’t work. He says the WSB wants to make him the scapegoat for his father’s crimes. The only reason he wasn’t able to escape town in time, was because he had to write Maxie a note and deliver the flashdrive. Peter wonders if Dr. Maddox was able to restore Drew’s memories.

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At GH, Anna wonders to Finn if her son will ever be found. Nearby, Obrecht’s collected medicine and hides, overhearing Anna say today’s her son’s birthday. Finn comforts Anna. He has an idea, leaves and returns with some waffles and a candle. He lights the candle and asks Anna to make a wish for her son. Anna’s sorry for not giving Peter the life he should’ve had and wishes for him to be safe.

At a restaurant, Drew and Oscar talk about how life doesn’t always make sense. Oscar agrees and wonders why his mother’s on a camping trip with Julian. Oscar admits he’s upset his mom isn’t dating Drew. Drew reminds him that families come in different packages. Oscar only wishes Drew remembered his past and wonders if he’ll ever get his memories back. Drew decided not to because of Oscar. The procedure’s too risky. Somebody else’s past is inside of him, but the future is Drew’s and he wants to share it with Oscar and Scout.

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In the woods, Kim and Julian kiss in the tent. She rubs some oils on him to ease the itch of his bug bites then they kiss. Julian feels something on his leg and rushes out from under the covers. Kim jokes about Julian being afraid of snakes before he heads to get some things from the car. Kim gives Oscar a call and wonders why Drew’s answering her son’s phone. Drew gushes about spending time with Oscar then wonders if Jerome got eaten by a bear yet. Julian appears as Kim’s hanging up and gasps, “Bears?” Elsewhere in the woods, Obrecht calls Nina to say she’s on her way when she stumbles into Julian and Kim’s campsite. Julian wonders if she has a bunker of victims nearby. He tries to send her away, warning her not to get killed by a rattlesnake.

In the cabin, Peter talks to Nina about having the flashdrive in his hand when Obrecht knocked him out. He must have dropped it. It contains everything Drew needs to be the man he used to be. Nina leaves to check his story out because if it’s true it’s a game changer. Alone, Peter screams at the sight of a rattlesnake on his bed. Outside, Julian, Kim and Obrecht hear Peter’s screams.

Back at the restaurant, Drew fills Oscar in on the missing flashdrive. If it shows up, that would be great, if not, he’s ready to move forward. Later, Nina appears. Drew wonders what’s on her mind.

Carly holds Kevin’s hand at Ferncliff and can’t believe he’s real. She knows Nelle set her up. Kevin agrees that Carly she never exhibited symptoms of a full-blown mental disorder. Kevin’s upset to hear about all the meds they have her on. Carly begs him to get her out of there. Kevin can’t promise anything but vows to be with Carly every step of the way.

At Sonny’s business, he leaves a message for Carly, wanting her to know how much he loves her then chats with Mike about the past. Sonny talks about Mike’s old car and how the trunk was big enough for a bike, pressing for information. Mike talks about Sonny being an angry kid and throwing his life away by connecting with Scully. Mike feels as though he rescued Sonny and thinks Sonny owed him. “What did I owe you?” Sonny asks. Mike retracts his statement, Sonny doesn’t owe him anything. Mike left Sonny and his mother and tried to watch out for him… when it counted, whether Sonny knows it or not. Sonny wonders if he talked to anyone about his first job with Scully. Mike figured out a way he could save Sonny from the consequences, which causes Sonny to rub his hands down his face in frustration. He asks Mike to tell him everything. Mike witnessed Sonny burying that body. Sonny tells Mike that he Jason spent hours digging, there was no body. Mike knows and says, “Because I took it.”

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