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In Pentonville, Sonny visits Carly and they discuss her case. Carly is reluctant to continue with the insanity defense because she feels she’ll never prove to her kids that she’s innocent and worries Nelle will worm her way into their lives. He reminds her it is her best option to avoid jail time. Carly swears to eventually expose Nelle for the liar she is.

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Anna and Jason search Peter’s Metro Court office for clues. Robert walks in and jokes if they keep turning up at his crime scenes that he’ll have to put them on the payroll. He speaks with Anna about Peter and they bicker over whether he can be exonerated. As they argue, Jason locates the drawer where it appears the flashdrive was taped to for a while before being retrieved. Robert thanks him for his help, and for saving Anna from being killed by her son. Jason leaves, and Robert orders Anna to call their daughter and tell her about her big brother. Jordan arrives and is updated on what’s been found. She reveals Peter left a note for Maxie but that is all they found. Anna’s phone rings and she sees it is Robin calling. She takes the call, and Robin has many questions. Anna tells Robin that she’s going to fly out to see her and answer her questions in person. After the call, Robert warns Anna that she’s Robin’s hero, but this will throw her for a loop and she may need time to process it. Later, Anna asks Jordan if she can see a copy of the letter Peter left for Maxie.

At GH, Maxie (temporarily being played by Molly Burnett) has a nightmare that Peter visited her. Nina comforts her, and Maxie asks if Peter’s been extradited yet. Nina breaks the news that Peter’s escaped. Both of them can’t believe they were duped by him, and Nina reveals that Valentin knew the truth all along. She gives Maxie a run down on Valentin’s history with Peter, and that Anna is Peter’s mother. Nurse Deanna comes in with the baby, who Maxie holds and gushes over. Maxie lets Nina hold him, and they both wish Nathan was here to hold his son. The baby is taken back to the nursery, and Nina gets a ping on her phone. She excuses herself to deal with the message. Later, Anna arrives to see Maxie and they talk about Peter. Maxie doesn’t blame Anna for what happened to Peter. Anna believes Peter knows he’s made a terrible mistake, and gives Maxie a copy of the letter he left for her.

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In a cabin, someone drags an unconscious Peter in and straps him down to a bed. He stirs awake and wonders where he is. He recalls being stabbed in his office, dropping the flashdrive as he was dragged off. Peter shouts out to whoever did this to him to come out and talk to him. Eventually the door opens and Nina walks in.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Nelle tells Michael she feels guilty for what Carly’s going through because of her. Michael believes his mom is sick and needs to get help, but she should focus on herself and the baby. Nelle thanks him, and they get close to a kiss, but he pulls away and explains he has to go. He reveals he will be back shortly because he’s going to pack his things so he can move back in and keep a close eye on her. She smiles. Jason interrupts to speak with Michael about his mom, so Nelle excuses herself. Jason asks Michael if he believes Carly pushed Nelle. Michael explains he needs to take care of his family right now. Jason reminds him that his mother is his family, to which Michael responds, “And I’m putting my family first.” Jason leaves and Nelle comes out from eavesdropping behind a table in the foyer. Nelle admits to overhearing the conversation and asks who he was speaking about when he said he was putting his family first. Michael assures her that he was speaking of her and the baby.

Jason visits Carly in prison and promises to find the evidence he needs to prove her innocent. He hates that she plead not guilty by reason of insanity, but Carly cries it’s her only hope and she’s sticking with the insanity plea. He promises to back her, even though she’s wrong.

At the Metro Court, Michael calls Spinelli and asks him to research Nelle for him and help him prove that she’s lying about his mom.

Back at the mansion, Nelle gets a visit from Sonny.

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