Sam arrives at Jason’s apartment and asks him to help her get the flash drive with Drew’s memories from Peter by breaking Peter out of jail. He refuses because Peter is a danger to Anna. Sam decides to break him out on her own to stop Drew from going through with the memory wiping procedure. Jason won’t let her put herself at risk. She reminds him how much she hated the choices he used to make, but she respected them, so he will respect hers. Jason suggests a compromise.

Drew meets Andre at Charlie’s to discuss a DNR for his procedure should things go wrong. Andre reiterates his opinion that they need the flash drive to safely do the procedure. Drew let’s Andre know that Peter has the drive but won’t hand it over unless he breaks him out of jail. Andre refuses to do the procedure now that they know the drive exists. He urges Drew to find a way to get the drive from Peter, but Drew won’t help the man. Andre offers to do the procedure in three days, because between then and now a lot may change.

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At GH, Obrecht confronts Anna and blames her son Peter for killing Nathan. Griffin breaks their fight up, but Obrecht warns Anna, “What goes around comes around,” before walking off. Anna admits to Griffin they were fighting about Peter, who is her son. Anna explains the whole story and wishes she had known the truth about Peter earlier because she could have helped him escape. Griffin is about to confess that he knew who Peter was when Deanna interrupts because Anna is needed for her phlebotomy appointment. She thanks Griffin for his support before leaving. In Monica’s office, Liz supports Kiki, who reports Bensch’s sexual harassment to Monica. Without any proof of her accusations Monica is unable to do anything, and the matter will have to be dealt with by HR. Kiki inquires what will happen to Bensch. Monica informs her that he’ll be suspended, and mark will go on his record, but it’s unlikely he’ll be fired. Kiki can’t believe he’ll get away with it but decides to move forward with the complaint and make Bensch accountable.

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Valentin visits Peter in the PCPD holding cells and apologizes for everything he did to him, including giving him to Faison. They argue over why Valentin did what he did. Valentin admits he wanted to hurt Anna, but immediately regretted his actions. Valentin suggests Anna can help him by convincing the WSB to go lenient, but Peter wants nothing from her and believes he never mattered to his mother. Valentin asks what he can do for him. Later, Sam and Jason arrive and find Valentin in the cell and Peter missing. Valentin claims Peter overpowered him and escaped, but they know he’s lying. Anna arrives and learns her son is gone. She figures that Valentin helped Peter escape, but wonders why Sam and Jason are there. She quickly realizes Peter must have the flash drive.

At her gallery, Ava gets a visit from Bensch, who wants to buy something beautiful. However, he quickly steers the conversation towards Kiki, who he says seems distracted lately. Ava suggests it has to do with her sister Avery going missing. Ava is sure Kiki will be fine and asks Bensch what she can do for him. He wants to decorate his barren office, so she suggests he email her a photo of his office, so she can find the right piece for it. He thanks her and leaves, but not before informing Ava he is glad Kiki has a good support system in her and Dr. Monroe. Later, Griffin arrives to see Ava. She senses he’s distracted, and he reveals he just learned that Peter is not only Faison’s son but also Anna’s. Anna is in pain and he could have done something earlier to help, which causes Ava to realize Peter was who he ran that test on. Griffin has decided to tell Anna the truth, but Ava advises against that because he could get fired, and Anna may end up hating him.

Back at GH, Monica sees Kiki and Liz out of her office and tells Kiki to hang in there. In the hall, Kiki spots Bensch. He smiles at her.

Peter heads to his office at the Metro Court and retrieves a stash of money hidden in the air duct along with passports. He leaves a letter for Maxie on the table and retrieves the flash drive from a drawer. He goes to put it in the envelope with Maxie’s name on it when a black glove stabs him from behind with a syringe. He collapses, and someone drags his body across the floor.

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