In today’s General Hospital recap…

Lucy-Chase-PCPD-ABC Lucy walks in on Dante in the PCPD locker room to try and recruit him for the Nurses’ Ball. She overhears Chase singing elsewhere and bursts in on him in only a towel and fresh out of the shower. Dante introduces them, and Lucy begs him to share his voice at the Nurses’ Ball. Chase quickly, with Dante guarding him, dresses and tells her that he’s a cop not a performer. Dante explains all the cops participate so he should do it to fit in. Chase agrees, and Lucy suggests he get to the Metro Court to be fitted for his costume and to pick out his music. She rushes off excited. Chase thanks Dante for cueing him in on the department’s participation in the ball because it makes him feel included. Dante is about to come clean about his white lie when Chase comments on one of his reports and what he should have done differently, so Dante keeps his mouth shut. After Chase leaves, Lucy returns and thanks Dante for getting his whole department involved. He tells her they won’t be, and only Chase will be getting up on that stage. Lucy doesn’t like the idea of Dante using her ball for a joke but keeps quiet because Chase has a great voice.

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Nelle-frames-Ava-gift-ABC At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly arrives and along with Monica and Nelle welcomes the baby shower guests. Joss, Bobbie, Brad, Olivia, Avery and Ava attend. Monica welcomes them all, and toasts to Michael and Nelle’s new baby. Before opening her gifts, Nelle gives Carly a gift stating it’s the most precious thing she has. Carly opens the box, which contains a new set of guardianship papers. Nelle cries crocodile tears over Carly being less than thrilled by her gesture. Joss thinks what Nelle is doing is a beautiful thing and her mom should say thank you. Bobbie reminds Joss that Nelle stabbed her mother in the back once already. Olivia tries to keep the peace, and suggests they give Nelle gifts and wishes for the baby. One by one they give Nelle gifts and wish happiness for her and the baby. For her gift and wish, Carly agrees to sign the papers and hopes they will never need to be used. Nelle opens her gifts and saves Ava’s for last. When she begins to open it, Ava suggests she save the gift and open it with Michael, but Nelle refuses. She opens the gift which is a baby mobile that has penguins hanging from it. Carly, Joss and Bobbie are all shocked. Carly points out that Morgan loved penguins, which Ava knew. She accuses Ava of using Morgan’s memory to get to her. She rips the mobile out of Nelle’s hands, throws it across the room and yells, “Screw you Ava!”

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Finn-Alexis-metrocourt-ABC At the Metro Court, Finn joins Alexis at a table and apologizes for being sharp with her the other day. Alexis tries to get him to open up about his family. Finn tells her that his dad was a professor at a university, and he always had time for him as a kid and was by his mom’s side when she got sick. He remembers learning when his mom had an incurable disease, which is when he decided to become a doctor. Finn goes on to say his dad remarried right after she died, with the flowers still fresh on his mother’s grave. Alexis thinks he’s taking out his resentment for his father on Chase. Later, Chase arrives, and Alexis quickly swears she had nothing to do with this because she wasn’t even expecting to see Finn here. Chase approaches and says he stopped by only to pick up his music because he’s performing in the ball. Finn had no idea, and Chase snaps, “There is a lot you don’t know about me, but that’s how you want it.”

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Sonny-Mike-miss-avery-ABC Max drops by the Corinthos house and says hello to Mike, who leaves to work on one of his memory activities. Max informs Sonny he’s found no more information on how Mike found out about Crotan, but the field is still empty. Sonny worries his father can’t keep secrets now, and no matter what he does he’s screwed. Max suggests he let what happened in Crotan stay six feet under. Mike returns and says it won’t be that easy. Max asks Mike what he knows about Crotan. Mike can’t remember everything but says there is construction going on in Crotan. Later, Max checks things out and tells Sonny that Mike is right and new construction is set to happen in the field.

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