Ava negotiates with Sonny-GH-ABCAva is at the PCPD with Sonny and Diane. She didn’t bother bringing Scott. Carly pops up as Sonny and his lawyer walk off to talk. Ava is smug as she tells Carly that she’ll be getting Avery back. Carly says that the little girl will never forgive her for killing Morgan. In the interrogation room, Diane admits there’s a thirty percent chance that Mike will be convicted. Sonny doesn’t like those odds. He calls Ava in and sends Diane out. Ava wants them to flip their custody agreement and dismisses his threat of releasing the tape of her and Paul. He loses his temper and refuses to negotiate, sure that he can beat her in any court. Even Kiki will testify for him. She offers to drop the charges against Mike if he’ll agree to joint-custody. He sighs and twitches and they continue negotiating. Meanwhile, Diane won’t let Dante leave her alone with Carly and Nelle. Eventually, he escapes anyway while Nelle asks the lawyer for legal advice about her baby. She explains that she wants to give Carly custody, confident that she will love her baby. As Carly chews on that, Nelle runs off to the bathroom. “Batten down the hatches,” Diane advises Carly. Dante brings Mike up from the cells. Mike tells him to intervene before Sonny makes any sacrifices for his sake. Ava and Sonny emerge, and he announces he’s giving her joint-custody. Ava tells everyone that she will make a statement at the hearing to clear Mike. Diane is pleased. Mike isn’t and tells his son that this is wrong. Sonny insists that things will be okay but his father doubts that.

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Lulu tells Jason her plan for Henrik-GH-ABCJason joins Lulu at Kelly’s. She wants his advice about Henrik and begs for some information. He explains the letters they were looking for are gone. Peter watches them through the window and then goes in, eavesdropping as Lulu tells Jason that she’s been in touch with Henrik. He’s skeptical but Lulu is sure it’s really him and she can lure him out. Jason tells her that’s a terrible idea. Henrik is dangerous, dangerous enough that he cost him five years of his life. Lulu thinks that Henrik must have just been scared of Faison and they need to hear his side of the story. Stone Cold reminds her that they have underestimated Faison and Henrik in the past. Nathan died as a result.

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Curtis sneaks out of Peter's office-GH-ABCDrew bumps into Sam in the Aurora offices. Meanwhile, Curtis searches through Peter’s office and finds a file on Nathan. He can hear Drew and Sam and gets a warning text from Nina, so he sneaks out. As he creeps down the hall, Peter arrives, scowling. He heads into his office and notices that Curtis left a drawer open. August can see that the PI looked at the Nathan file.

Drew and Sam go out for coffee. She tells him about going after the letters, but they were gone. Sam wonders what’s next for Aurora and would really like to keep working for the company. He’s willing to give working together a shot, but they also need to get a divorce.

Curtis tells Nina what he learned-GH-ABCAt Wyndemere, Nina stomps in while Valentin stares at a photo of the safe deposit box. She’s confused when he says Robert thinks the box from Faison is for him. Valentin tells her that Robert won’t find whatever he’s looking for. Curtis arrives and tells Nina that he didn’t find anything about Peter. Valentin gets a text from Peter and takes off. Once he’s gone, Curtis tells Nina that he did find a file on Nathan. She assumes it’s part of his strategy for trying to seduce Maxie and starts freaking out. He admits that Sam caught him in the office and he confessed to snooping.

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Valentin arrives in Peter’s office. They argue about Nina and the safety deposit box. Peter insists the contents were destroyed and there is no evidence linking there. Valentin points out that Scorpio knows they were both in Switzerland at the same time. Peter says it’s time to shut Robert down.

Anna and Robert debate what Valentin did-GH-ABCRobert is at Anna’s. She’s going through Valentin’s file and claims that Robert has not managed to prove that Valentin handed her son off to Faison. Anna slumps as she realizes how much Valentin hates her and has beat her at strategy. She makes excuses for his behavior, sure that he’s changed since becoming a father. Distraught, Anna rants about what Valentin did to her child. Robert thinks they should go and confront him, but she insists they wait and worry more about what Jason plans to do to Henrik. Scorpio tells her to leave Jason to him.

Robert meets with Jason by the docks. Jason is eager to shut Henrik down and suggests they use his mother to draw him out.

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