Finn and Kim chat by the hospital elevators about Lucy trying to recruit them for the ball. Down the hall, Joss meets with Oscar and tells him how great the essay he published in the school paper was. She suggests he send it to his dad. Maybe it will help push him to Kim.

At home, Alexis leaves a message for Lucy on her phone. Drew shows up and she explains she already dropped the kids off. He asks after the children and Sam. She fills him in and asks him to take care of himself. After he leaves, Finn shows up. Alexis tells him how awful she feels about Drew being the loser in a triangle. She admits she’s been worrying about her children to avoid worrying about her relationship with Finn. Alexis likes his funniness and cynicism, but she doesn’t think they should be in a rebound relationship. He admits he has feelings for Anna and he knows she’s dealing with something similar. After he pays her a complement, she decides they are over-thinking this. He reminds her they haven’t had sex for a long time. “You wanna do it again?” she asks.

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Sam and Jason discuss what to do next-GH-ABCSam and Jason return to their hotel room in Switzerland, fresh from a bike ride. They have beer and talk about how great their bank job was. This gets awkward and they call out for Spinelli. Jason notices that Spin left a note that he’d already taken an early flight, stranding them there. Sam calls for flights but there aren’t any until Friday. Jason admits that Spinelli has been monitoring her and booked him into the same hotel as her to give fate a push. Stone Cold insists he respects her desire to be alone. The topic turns to Henrik and she suggests they trace Anna’s steps to find what she was looking at. Jason asks if she wants him to work with her or wants some distance. With difficulty, he says that he is ‘good’ with whatever she decides to do. They have another beer and he tells her about escaping from the clinic. When he mentions Huxley, she’s startled. He explains that he won his lucky watch and wound up giving it to a waitress. She says she saw the watch on the same woman. They get a call from the airline saying they can leave in two hours. She’s left wondering if Spinelli is right and they are fated to be together.

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Lucas and Julian talk children-GH-ABCLucas is at Kelly’s, chatting on the phone with Brad about cribs while Julian listens. He congratulates his son, sure that he and Brad will make wonderful parents. Lucas thanks him for his help. His agreeing to stay out of the child’s life really sealed the deal. Julian assures him that being a father will bring him boundless joy. Lucas thanks him again for coming through when it counts. Outside, Drew bumps into Kim. They talk about Oscar and his article until she asks Drew to let her buy him lunch. When they go inside, they bump into Julian and he asks them to join him. He asks after Sam, which makes things awkward, and then strolls away, reminding Kim that they are going to the ball together. After he’s gone, Kim tells Drew that Julian has been better than his reputation suggests. Drew changes the topic back to their son. He sends Oscar a text and asks him hiking. Kim admits she wasn’t thrilled he taught their son to box, but she’s come around. Oscar responds to the text, attaching his article.

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Curtis proposes to Jordan-GH-ABCCurtis drops on his knees in Jordan’s office and asks her to marry him. She can’t agree if she thinks he only wants it because she might die. He insists it’s because he loves her and asks again. Jordan reminds him that she was married to his brother, cheated on him, and he died. Curtis claims they are smart enough not to repeat their mistakes. That’s why she’s so hesitant. She’d like to take the leap, so he asks again. The doctor calls and says she’s fine. The spot on her lungs has been there since she was a kid. They are both relieved and hug. She tells him he’s off the hook and can take back his proposal. There’s no rush, but it was a beautiful gesture. He leaves, unsatisfied.

At Alexis’, she and Finn tear off their clothes and stumble to her room. Julian arrives outside and sees them.

Back at the hospital, Oscar is relieved when Drew sends him a text, telling him what a great writer he is.

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