At the PCPD, Dante explains to Sonny and Carly that the judge hearing Mike’s case doesn’t like when people use dementia as a pass for committing crimes. Carly-Sonny-station-GH-ABCCarly’s phone buzzes reminding her that she has an appointment with Kevin. Sonny urges her to go. Elsewhere, Curtis surprises Jordan in her office. She quickly hangs up her phone. He has been picking up on her odd behavior lately, but she assures him nothing is wrong. Curtis presses her, and she admits she had this cough she’s had checked out and they found a spot on her lung. He begins Googling medical information, which she begs him not to do because it will only make things worse. Lung Cancer is the first result that his search turns up.

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Ava-Scott-talk-custody-GH-ABC At Ava’s, Griffin eavesdrops on Ava, who orders Scott to do whatever it takes for her to get custody of Avery. Griffin interrupts them, and Scott leaves to get to work. Griffin tells Ava that she is punishing Mike, and it will only add to his and Sonny’s suffering. Ava doesn’t give a damn about Sonny’s suffering. She reminds him that Sonny and Carly enjoyed keeping Avery from her. She’s sick of compromising, and now that she has the advantage she’s going to make sure Avery stays with her.

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Michael-Nelle-talk-GH-ABC Michael accompanies Nelle to her latest check-up at GH. Afterwards, Nelle has to get to work. Michael asks if she could try to convince Ava to agree to shared custody to avoid another nasty custody battle with his dad. She offers to see what she can do. Meanwhile, Kiki reports to duty with Dr. Bensch, who scolds her for being on-time rather than early. She shadows Bensch, who exams a patient who suffered a possible concussion. He sends the patient off with a nurse to imagery, and then grills Kiki on what her diagnoses is. Kiki-Bensch-patient-GH-ABC When she hesitates, he congratulates her on killing her patient. She feels he’s not being fair and accuses him of trying to intimidate her before she’s even had medical training. Bensch snarks that he thought he saw potential in her, but he guesses he was wrong. Carly meets with Kevin in his office and explains what has been happening. He asks her to try an anti-anxiety medication. He knows she had a breakdown years ago and wants to make sure another one doesn’t happen.

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Nelle stops by Ava’s place and overhears Griffin and Ava arguing. Griffin has to get to work, but asks Ava not to do anything else until they talk more. He departs, and Ava thanks Nelle for reminding her that she can’t ever trust Carly. Nelle feels bad she and Griffin are fighting, but doubts he’d ever make her choose between him and her daughter.

Scott stops by the PCPD and faces off with Sonny. He gloats that he can’t wait to win full custody of Avery for Ava. Sonny lunges at Scott as Dante walks in with Mike. Dante pulls his father off Scott, and has Mike taken to the interrogation room to keep him calm. Dante orders Scott out of the station, and warns Sonny that Scott was goading him and he fell for it. He tells his dad to go talk to Mike. Sonny checks on Mike in the interrogation room. Mike is lucid and apologizes to Sonny for screwing up his life again. Dante pulls Sonny out and informs him that the judge still won’t hear Mike’s case, and things aren’t looking good for him. They need Ava’s cooperation. Sonny knows the longer Mike is in jail the quicker he’ll slip away. Back in Jordan’s office, Jordan reminds Curtis that her mom had lung cancer, though this spot could be nothing. If it turns out to be something then she’s going to need him to not lose it, because she’s trying her best to hold things together. He promises to support her. Jordan worries about her son, whose already lost his father. Curtis gets down on one knee and proposes.

Carly-Kevin-office-GH-ABC Griffin arrives at GH because Bensch paged him. Bensch asks for a patient consult. Kiki steps in and explains the patient may have an epidermal hematoma and recounts his symptoms. Bensch walks off after noting, “That about covers it.” Griffin couldn’t help but note Bensch biting her head off when he arrived and wonders if should speak to him. Kiki makes him promise not to talk to Bensch. She thanks him for his support, and a spying Bensch sees them hug. Meanwhile, Michael catches Kevin walking Carly out of his office. He inquires if everything is okay. Kevin excuses himself, and Carly explains she had an appointment with Kevin because his father thinks she’s crazy.

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