At the PCPD, Ava refuses to allow her daughter to spend another night under the same roof as Mike. Sonny and Carly argue with her until Jordan arrives. Dante fills her in on what’s happened. When Sonny threatens to take his daughter home, Ava warns that his whole family will pay if he takes another step. They continue arguing. When Sonny tries leading his father out, Ava demands that Mike be arrested. Griffin tells the commissioner that Mike has dementia and Sonny begs for mercy. Diane jogs in and takes her clients aside. The lawyer explains that a crime was committed, regardless of Mike’s condition. Ava is about to get Scott down there, but Griffin isn’t sure she should be doing this. Sonny comes over and offers to negotiate. She wants full custody. Sonny refuses. Diane explains that Mike will be released tomorrow but Ava vows to make sure that Mike spends his last days in a cell. Sonny agrees to let Ava have her daughter until tomorrow. Sonny says goodnight to his daughter and Ava leaves with her. Mike tells his son not to make the mistake he made. He needs to choose his child. Mike is left with Dante, who takes him down to the cells.

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Nelle shows up at the Corinthos compound. She and Michael talk about the Avery situation and he offers her some take-out. They talk about parenting until they get a text explaining that Avery has been found. Soon, Carly and Sonny arrive and explain what happened at the station. As Michael shows Nelle out, Sonny tells Carly that he’s going to take care of the Ava situation and she needs to take care of herself.

At Wyndemere, Valentin is perplexed to discover that Nina is throwing a dinner party. Peter arrives, much to the Cassadine’s chagrin. He takes his wife aside and she explains she’s trying to keep Peter from Maxie. Maxie shows up, to Nina’s surprise, with a special delivery. Riley, a Crimson cover model, arrives to meet Peter. In the other room, Valentin warns Peter that Nina is onto him and he needs to avoid Maxie. The ladies join them. Riley and Peter have a stilted conversation while Maxie tells Nina how nice it is that she’s trying to find friends for Peter. Maxie finally intervenes with Peter and Riley slinks away. When Nina declares the dinner is served, she and Maxie head to the dining room. Valentin tells Peter to leave Port Charles. Peter refuses and suggests Cassadine find a way to deal with his wife.

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Jason threatens Herr Brull-GH-ABCAt the Swiss Bank, Spinelli shows Jason and Sam a picture of Henrik on a computer. Herr Brull confirms it is him. Jason is confused when he doesn’t recognize him. Spinelli analyzes the image and explains it’s a fake. Brull insists he had no idea. They start threatening him and he agrees to help. Spinelli searches the computer and discovers that Faison’s safe deposit box has been accessed since his death. Brull explains there were letters for Andrew and Jason in the box that he was ordered to mail. Sam orders him to get the box. He and Jason fetch and open it. It has money, sapphires, a code book, and a photo of Anna. When Jason picks up a storage box marked with the Cassadine crest, Spin warns that trying to open it could kill them. They decide to donate the gems to charity and take the box.

Ava and Griffin go to her place. She puts her child to sleep and says what’s happened can’t happen again.

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Robert questions Anna about Henrik-GH-ABCRobert and Anna argue in her hotel room. He’s realized that Henrik is her son with Faison. Distraught, she confirms it. She’s exhausted but he wants the details. Sitting down, Anna tells him about how she watched Faison and propositioned him one night when he was drunk. “I stole from him what I needed that night and got something I didn’t expect… a child,” she explains. Anna goes on to say that she let Faison make her a double-agent because she thought she could turn him. Things were getting grim and then Robert was assigned as her new partner. He gave her a reason to hope. They recall their relationship. He’s sorry that she’s had to keep this to herself for so long. Robert agrees to help her search for Henrik as long as she never tells him she’s his mother. It poses too much of a potential threat to their family’s security. Jason, Spinelli and Sam arrive with the box.

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