Ava barges into the Corinthos house and is furious after learning from an alert on her phone that Avery is missing. Griffin arrives to support her. Ava asks Carly what was so important that kept her from being there for Avery.

Sam-Jason-Switzerland-GH-ABC In Sam’s hotel room in Switzerland, Jason and Sam discuss how to rescue Spinelli from jail when Alexis appears at the door. She came out of concern given that Sam took off and has been gone for a week. Sam says she has great timing and asks Alexis to watch the kids for her while she and Jason go help Spinelli.

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Julian-at-pub-GH-ABC Kim drops by Charlie’s to see Julian. She thanks him for calling her out on her feelings for Drew the other day and admits he was right. Julian talks about his own issues with Alexis, and that he’s worried Sam may wind up getting back with Jason. In his opinion Drew is better for Sam and the kids. He quickly apologizes for being insensitive.

At home in bed, Dante distracts Lulu with sex. She fails to realize she didn’t plug his phone in to charge it.

[At 3:10 PM ET the show was interrupted until 3:18 PM for breaking local news.]

Alexis-Switzerland-GH-ABC At the Swiss hotel, Jason has left to save Spinelli, and Alexis fears her daughter is going to get back together with Jason. Sam swears she’s not back with Jason and is just helping him and Spinelli with a mystery. She reminds her mom that she is a PI and this is what she does, and it’s been a long time since she’s felt like herself. She asks if her mom could take the kids back to Port Charles. Alexis agrees and begs Sam to be careful.

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Lucy-hits-up-Kim-Julian-GH-ABC At Charlie’s pub, Kim assures Julian while she misses the Drew she knew, she’s been having a lot of fun with him. Lucy barges in on them to sell Kim and Julian tickets to the Nurses’ Ball, hit Julian up for donations and recruit Kim to perform. After Lucy departs, Kim suggests to Julian they go to the ball together. He agrees, but they make a pact to let the other know if anything personally changes in regard to their feelings for one another or anyone else.

At Sonny’s, Michael leaves messages with Dante but doesn’t hear back. He leaves, and privately Sonny worries to Carly that Mike could end up forgetting who Avery is and put her in danger. Sonny asks Carly what kept her from meeting up with them at the park because she never told Ava.

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Jason-Spinelli-Switzerland-GH-ABC Jason arrives at the Swiss jail where Spinelli is being held and pretends to be a Marshall from the US there to extradite Spinelli. The man in charge of the case leaves them alone to talk and process Spinelli’s paperwork. Jason informs him that he ran into Sam and asks if Spinelli knew she was there. He admits he did and hoped fate would bring them together. Jason begs him to stop pushing him and Sam to get back together, though admits it is what he wants. Spinelli talks about how Sam moved on after she thought he died, but she became a different person in the process and lost herself. The man returns and releases Spinelli over to Jason. Jason puts the cuffs on him and escorts him out.

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Dante-Lulu-bed-GH-ABC Back at Dante and Lulu’s, Dante goes to take a shower and Lulu notices the phone was never charged. She turns on her computer and sees the amber alert pop-up on Avery and shouts to Dante.

Michael, Griffin and Ava wait at the PCPD for news on Ava. Ava wants the FBI brought in and this to be filed as a kidnapping. Griffin tries to calm her down and reminds her Mike is sick and not a criminal. She snaps at him that he could have prevented this by warning Mike’s family that Mike needed to be watched at all times.

Dante arrives at Sonny’s and is filled in on what happened from Sonny and Carly. Dante gets a call from Michael and passes the message on to Sonny and Carly that Avery’s case has been changed from missing to a kidnapping.

Back in Switzerland, Sam finds Jason and Spinelli on the street and offers them a ride.

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