Jason drops by Anna’s house. He has news for her about the search for Henrik. They don’t know where PK Harvey is, but they know where the proceeds from the book will be deposited, in a bank account in Zurich. He’ll keep following the money. Since he’s not sending Spinelli and handling it himself, Anna says she’ll tag along. She doesn’t wantemma-wants-go-zurich-gh-abc him to shoot first and ask questions later. He thinks she’s hiding something. She can’t discuss it but tears up. He reveals if they find Henrik and if he’s picked up where Faison left off, he’ll shut him down. Emma interrupts and Anna tells her granddaughter that they’re going on a trip to Switzerland. Emma’s excited and wants to go, since she’s writing a report on it for school. She toddles off and Jason hopes Anna’s not thinking of bringing her. Anna thinks she’ll be safe with them.

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Peter arrives at his office to find Valentin in his chair. Valentin suggests Peter’s avoiding him. Peter’s been busy, and gives him the boot from his chair. Valentin says Lulu came by. Henrik knows she’s trying to patch up her relationship with Maxie. They agree on misdirecting Lulu but Valentin calls her the least of their worries. If his wife finds out he’s protecting Faison’s other son, he’ll lose her forever. Peter asks how this suddenly became about him and Valentin turns on him. “Ever since I’ve had your back over and over!” He suggests Peter leave town or it’ll end badly for him because of his issues with his father. Peter knows. All he can do is help his brother’s widow and child. Valentin wonders if Peter has fallen for Maxie. Peter denies it vehemently. Once Valentin leaves, Peter flashes to Maxie wondering why he was with Nathan the day he was shot.

At Wyndemere, Nina calls Curtis looking for an update on the investigation into Peter. He’s got nothing, so they disconnect. Maxie lets herself in. She was worried about Nina, since she didn’t show up at the office or hospital. She rants and Nina reminds Maxie that she broke up with her, which is why she missed the childbirth class. As they talk, Maxie admits Peter took her. In fact, he reminds her of Jay. Nina clutches at her head, and yells that nobody knows this guy. Maxie shrugs that she does. Plus, he didn’t know Nathan and isn’t invested. Nina understands. Maxie wants her to be her coach still and Nina’s glad since she has already packed a bag. Nina agrees to give Peter a chance and the gals agree to attend birthing class later. Once Maxie leaves, Nina calls Curtis to cancel the investigation but he’s found dirt on Peter.

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Liz finds Franco pacing his room at the hospital. She greets him and pronouncesfranco-refuse-home-liz-gh-abc she’s glad Jim Henry is dead. She thinks Franco won though he doesn’t feel like it. She tells him he’s being released. He’s apprehensive. He wants to go home but can’t. He knows he’s not evil or anything but he needs to sort out some things before he’s comfortable in her home. Liz is dejected but he doesn’t feel as though he knows his place. She insists it’s with her and the boys. They pinky swear that he’ll do all he can to heal. She cries that he can heal at home but he needs her to trust him on this. She does. They profess their love for one another. Later, Franco meets with Kevin in his office. Kevin heard some of what happened last night. Franco thanks him for taking good care of Liz and Jake. Franco shares details about what happened from reliving everything to Jim Henry’s shooting. Franco confides everything came back to him in horrible vivid detail. “He came to my room night after night…” Kevin realized Jim Harvey sexually abused Franco. “He said that he loved me,” Franco divulges. He franco-kevin-session-gh-abcwonders if he encouraged him. “No,” Kevin maintains. “You were a child.” Helpless and wouldn’t know how to process that. Franco knew it was wrong. Kevin says no four year old would know what to do with that but Jim Harvey did. Franco cries. “He’s to blame. Not you. Never you,” Kevin asserts. At least now he isn’t as damaged as they thought. He can rest easy knowing he is a good and decent person. Franco wonders if he’s a danger to Elizabeth’s boys. Kevin admits some abusers go on to abuse but most don’t. Kevin declares that due to a lot of work on his part, he put his own traumatic past behind him and turned out fine. He asks if Franco has looked at the boys inappropriately. Franco has not but says he’s done so many heinous things that have affected people’s lives. Kevin says many of those crimes were due to the brain tumor and he’s been a model citizen since. Once the session is over, Franco finds Liz waiting for him. He lets her know what he and Kevin spoke about. She isn’t concerned. They kiss. He’s going home with her.

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