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At the Metro Court, Anna interrupts Finn and Alexis’ dinner. She asks if Finn if he remembers seeing Faison use a lighter when the maniac attacked and tied him up. Anna-interupts-Finns-date-GH-ABC Finn does, and Anna thanks him. She wishes them a lovely evening and leaves. Down in Aurora, Maxie finds Peter and Lulu talking about Henrik’s book. Maxie is furious that Peter kept the book a secret from her and accuses Lulu of trying to cash in on Nathan’s death with another story. Lulu claims she is only to find out if Henrik is innocent, or a danger like his father.

At the hospital, Jordan asks Liz what is really going on and what she knows.

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Drew-shoots-Harvey-GH-ABC Drew bursts into Franco’s studio and shoots Jim Harvey as he straddles and strangles Franco. Drew rushes to Franco and calls for an ambulance as Franco comes to. He explains he knows everything, and thanks Franco for saving him as a kid. Jordan and Liz arrive with another officer, and the paramedics tend to Harvey. Jordan wants answers. Franco tells them that Drew saved his life. Drew explains what he walked in on, and Liz insists Franco have his bruised neck checked out at GH. They leave, and later as Jordan continues to question Drew she gets a call from GH about Harvey.

Nina-Valentin-evening-GH-ABC At Wyndemere, Nina rants to her husband that she is sure Peter has skeletons in his closet and she will find out what they are. They are interrupted by Lulu, who has come to take Valentin up on his offer. Nina wonders what this is about. Lulu explains she’s trying to find Henrik Faison and Valentin offered to help her with his resources. Nina demands to know why he’d do that, and he claims to get closure for her. Nina gives her approval. Later and alone, Valentin calls Peter and leaves a message telling him to call him back immediately.

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Carly-Jason-explain-weirdness-GH-ABC At Carly’s house, Jason and Carly explain to Sonny all the mysterious calls Carly has received, and the scarf she found in her office. Carly believes someone was in the house tonight, so Sonny decides to call the cops. Jason gets a call from Anna asking to meet because she has some information on their case. Jason leaves, and Chase arrives and searches the house but finds no evidence of a break-in or intruder. Carly doesn’t accept that and knows someone was here and trying to send her a message. Chase exits, and Carly wants Brick to go over the house with a fine-tooth comb. Sonny agrees to have it done but wants Carly to see Griffin. She realizes Sonny thinks she is hallucinating. He just doesn’t want to take any chances, so she agrees to get a checkup to prove nothing is wrong with her.

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Jason meets Anna at the Metro Court bar and tells him that Finn confirmed that Faison had the lighter. Jason points out the book indicates that Henrik took the lighter from Faison as he was dying. He believes Henrik is leaving a trail for his mother to follow. Jason notes this could lead them to Henrik’s mother. At their table, Finn and Alexis continue their dinner, and Alexis points out that he and Anna protest their feelings for one another a little too much. However, she won’t judge him on that. Back at Aurora, Maxie wants to burn Henrik’s book, but does wonder if he was just another victim of Faison’s. Peter suggests she read it. She trusts Peter and agrees to give it a try. She takes the book and leaves. Peter takes out Faison’s lighter and plays with it.

Harvey-dies-Drew-GH-ABC Franco is given a room at GH and Liz tells him they will keep him overnight for observation. She needs to know why Franco took Harvey hostage, and if it has to do with what happened to him as a kid. He touches her face, and she suggests he tell her tomorrow after he rests. Franco insists on telling her now because he doesn’t want more secrets. Down in the morgue, Jordan informs Drew he may face a judge over Harvey’s death, but it’s doubtful he’ll be prosecuted. She leaves him to have last words with Harvey. Drew tells Harvey’s corpse he’s glad this is over, and he’s glad Harvey will never hurt another child. Drew goes up to the hospital and looks in Franco’s room. Liz is sitting by his side holding his hand.

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