Jason comes to see Sonny at home. Carly walks in and asks Jason what’s going on with Sam. He tells her Sam is taking time for herself to figure out what she wants. Carly is confident Sam will find her way back to him. Jason is okay with any decision she makes, as long as she doesn’t go back to Drew. But ultimately, Jason just wants her to be happy. Carly leaves to meet with the contractor at her house, as Jason and Sonny talk about the Henrik mission. Jason then asks after Mike. Sonny tells him that Mike mentioned something that happened in the past, but there’s no way he could know about it. Sonny explains that when he was working for Joe Scully he was ordered to bury a dead body in a field. Sonny insists Mike wasn’t there and he never told him about it. They talk more about Mike’s memory, leaving Sonny worried. If Mike does know what happened in that field, what has he said without even realizing it?

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nelle-gaslights-carly-gh-jjDressed like a cat burglar, Nelle breaks into Carly’s house with a key she stole from Joss. She says, “Let the haunting begin.” She plugs something into an outlet that allows her to control the house lights with her phone. Nelle hides as Carly arrives. Lights flicker as Carly learns the contractor will be late. She reads a magazine on the couch when the lights go out. She hears noises upstairs, where Nelle gleefully makes it seem like someone is walking around in Morgan’s bedroom. Carly goes to investigate and finds Morgan’s baseball glove, but doesn’t find anything else. She returns downstairs and starts to leave until she hears footsteps again. Carly goes back to the bedroom and finds a smashed picture frame with a photo of Morgan in it. Meanwhile, Nelle grabs her device and leaves.

Kim cleans up her and Julian’s wine glasses when Oscar returns home. Oscar says he heard her tell Julian that she never got over Drew. Kim says he heard things out of context, but it’s also none of his business. However, she does say that the Drew she loved is gone. Oscar says his father left her something though and pulls out the CD Drew made for her years ago. He challenges her to throw it away if she really doesn’t care about Drew. Kim has had enough and tells her son to go to bed. Alone, Kim listens to the CD.

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Betsy wakes up in the hospital and urgently asks Drew to get Bobby. She needs to tell him about Harvey. Drew asks if she can tell him. Upset, she tells Drew she saw Jim in her room. He assures her she’s safe, but she’s afraid for Bobby. They talk about the past and Betsy recalls how nice and charming Jim was. She also remembers Bobby acting out. She remembers what caused the fall and begins to tell Drew…

In the hospital hallway, Franco begs Kevin to hypnotize him again. Kevin advises that he can’t force it. They will try again tomorrow. Franco worries it will be too late, but Kevin explains he could suffer a setback, ruining all the progress he’s made thus far. Kevin urges him to go home, but doesn’t think he should drive, so he calls him an Uber.

franco-protects-liz-jake-gh-jjHarvey comes up behind Liz in the parking garage and puts a gun in her back. She urges him to let Jake go, but Harvey won’t hear of it. He wants her to drive him out of the garage and leads them to her car. Liz is able to distract Harvey long enough for Jake to run away. She tussles with Jim, who points the gun at her. Jake returns and yells, “Get away from my mom!” Liz fights with Jim again trying to protect her son and is thrown to the ground. Franco appears. When Jim reaches out to touch Jake, Franco tackles him to the ground.

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kevin-drew-worry-for-liz-jake-gh-jjAn unsettled Drew leaves Betsy’s room and runs into Kevin. He says Betsy told him everything, as Liz and Jake run up to them. Liz fills them in on Franco and Harvey. Kevin stays with Jake as Elizabeth and Drew race to the parking garage. Jake worries about Franco and blames himself if something bad happens. Kevin reassures Jake that he was very brave.

franco-attacks-harvey-gh-jjFranco continues to pummel Harvey in the garage, until Harvey gets the upper hand. When Liz and Drew return to the garage, the men are nowhere to be found.

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