Liz and Jake run into Drew in the GH garage on their way to see Franco. Drew explains he’s there to visit Betsy. Liz hopes Betsy will be more forthcoming with him than she has been with Franco. Jake-Liz-Drew-GH-ABC In the hospital, Harvey steals a white lab coat and tries to sneak into Betsy’s room. However, Drew gets to Betsy first. Drew reveals that he’s little Andy. She apologizes for what she did to him, and says he was a delightful little boy and joy to have. Drew needs to know why she sent him away, and if it had to do with Franco or Harvey. Harvey spies from the door, and when Betsy sees him she screams out, “No!” Harvey runs and Drew tries to calm her down. A nurse checks on Betsy and offers to get a doctor. Franco-Kevin-therapy-Jim-GH-ABC In Kevin’s office, under hypnosis Franco reveals Jim hurts him. Kevin puts Franco under deeper, and Franco explains that Uncle Jim is always bringing toys to him, which he hates. Jim once tried to give one to Andy, which upset Franco. Franco threatened to tell his mom about Uncle Jim. Kevin tries to bring Franco out when he becomes irate, but when Franco looks at Kevin he sees Jim. Franco says he’s going to tell, and he has to make it stop. Jim’s image warns him he will only make things worse. Kevin finally counts Franco out of hypnosis and explains he had to bring him out because he was suffering too much. Franco feels he was close to remembering everything. He wants to go back under, which Kevin warns might not be safe. Kevin is paged and leaves Franco but asks him to wait in his office until he returns. Liz arrives with Jake to check on him. Jake hugs Franco and inquires when he will come home. Franco explains he needs to get better first. He calls Jake and the others his family, a family he never thought he’d have. Drew-questions-Betsy-GH-ABC Back in Betsy’s room, Kevin sedates Betsy. Drew guesses he must have set her off. Later, Drew sits by Betsy’s side and apologizes if he upset her. She comes to and asks him to get Bobby because she must tell him about Jim Harvey. Meanwhile, Franco finds Kevin in the hall and insists he put him under again. Harvey escapes down to the garage where he spies Liz and Jake making their way to their car. He jumps Liz with a gun and orders her to do as he says.

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Bench-Kiki-confront-GH-ABC At Kelly’s, Joss and Oscar grab lunch after his release from the hospital. He explains to Joss that his dad told him and his mom that he and Sam broke up. Joss asks Oscar what his mom did when she found out. Oscar replies, “She served us ice cream.” He notes for a moment they were a real family, and he wishes it could be like that all the time. Joss suggests he might get his wish now that Drew is single. Nearby, Dr. Bensch meets with Kiki, who is also having lunch. Kiki lashes out at him for the kiss, and he apologizes because he thought she wanted more than friendship. He read her signals wrong, and swears he isn’t a predator. Kiki assures him she never sent him any signals and she is dropping out of the shadow program. He can accept her thinking of him as a jerk but pleads with her not to turn down the program. He hopes one day they can have a productive work relationship again. He begs for her forgiveness, but she says she has to get to work and leaves. After she is gone, Bensch creepily listens to the message Kiki left him asking to meet her and talk about what happened.

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Julian-Kim-talk-Drew-GH-ABC Julian drops by Kim’s place with flowers. Liz pours them some wine. Julian hopes they can continue be friends, and maybe more. However, he wonders if Drew is in the way. Kim informs him that he should know Drew left Sam, and she thinks it has something to do with Jason. Julian wonders if she might be hoping for something with Drew now that he’s single. Kim reminds him that Drew doesn’t remember her, so all they can have is a friendship. Kim suggests they stop focusing on Drew and kisses him. Julian pulls away and thinks he should be on his way because Oscar will be home soon. Before he leaves, he asks her again about her feelings for Drew. Oscar returns and overhears his mom admit she’s never felt the kid of love she had with Drew before, and she likely stayed single because she never got over him.

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