At the hospital, Anna drops by Griffin’s office as he stares at the report on Faison’s child. She was startled to learn the doctor is living with Ava. The doctor doesn’t appreciate her ‘mother hen’ routine and changes the topic to Henrik. She admits she’s been working with Jason on the case. Griffin worries this means she may let Jason murder Henrik. Down the hall, Nina corners Maxie after discovering she had an appointment with Dr. Nero. Maxie didn’t want her to know. She’s feeling crowded and needs some space. When she looks at her, all she sees is Nathan. Nina realizes how sad that must make her but they agree to spend less time together. Nina tears up and they hug. Maxie assures her that she has other people to help pick up the slack, including her new friend Peter. After Maxie leaves, Nina flashes back through all the times that she’s caught Maxie with Peter. Furious, she kicks the wall until Griffin rushes over to stop her. As he ices her foot, they discuss Peter and she worries about her vulnerable sister-in-law. Once the doctor leaves her alone, she calls Curtis do some work for her.

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Finn complains about his parking tickets-GH-ABCAlexis arrives at the Metro Court to meet Finn, who complains about all of his parking tickets. She says it would be cheaper to pay the tickets than her to fight them. He disagrees so she offers to make them disappear if he’ll make their fake relationship disappear. She’d rather be honest to Julian than let him think she’s been bothering to lie about her feelings. The doctor says taking the high road with Julian is a waste. If she doesn’t want to lie to Julian, they can make their relationship serious. They debate this, whether it’s desirable or not. When she notices that all of the badge numbers on the tickets are the same, he gets an idea and rushes off to take care of it as Anna arrives. Anna heads to the bar and makes a call to Frisco about Henrik. Alexis interrupts. The lawyer needs to talk to her about Finn. Alexis says she and the doctor have been developing a ‘friendship’ but she doesn’t want it to get in the way of anything Anna has with him. “Is Finn available?” Alexis asks. Anna makes some faces and says it’s fine.

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Lulu drops by Peter’s office to complain about how guilty she still feels since Maxie refuses to forgive her. He offers to do what he can to help. She asks for an advanced copy of The Severed Branch so she can expose Henrik. After thinking it over for a second, he agrees but warns it could lose her any chance of reconciling with Maxie. She’s insistent so he asks her to keep him in the loop. After she leaves, he daydreams about Maxie, who suddenly appears. She tells him about her talk with Nina and how the other woman isn’t thrilled by their friendship. As they discuss this, Griffin listens from around the corner. After she departs, Peter plays with his father’s lighter until Griffin bursts in and confronts him for being Faison’s son. Meanwhile, Sam shows up in Drew’s office to say goodbye. She’s leaving town for a while… with the kids. Uncomfortable, he asks if she’s bringing Jason too. He adds that, after she gets back, they’ll have to have a conversation about how they are going to divvy up everything. They both get upset and insist they don’t want to fight. Sam exits and cries.

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Back at the hospital, Finn calls his brother in and confronts him for all the tickets he’s been writing. He rips them up and throws them in the cop’s face. His brother just wants some time with him and asks him to hang out. Finn refuses. He sees no point in them having a relationship.

At Kelly’s, Spinelli hands Jason what he has collected, hoping it can help ease Sam away from Drew. Stone Cold explains that Sam and Drew already split up. Spin gasps as Jason tells him about Sam coming clean with her husband. When he tells Spinelli about getting in a fight with Drew, Spin is surprised he lost his cool. Jason thinks back on how Sam admitted she may not end up with him or Drew. It seems like she is making her own choices again. Jason spots Lulu as she sits down at the bar. He walks over and notices she has The Severed Branch. He’s eager to see the ending so she hands him the book. He speed reads and gets to the epilogue, which speaks of a lighter he kept from his father.

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