At home, Sonny, Michael and Dante enter the living room dressed in tuxes. They tell Mike they have a surprise for him.

Mike, now in his own tux, steps off the Metro Court elevator with his son and grandsons. Port Charles residents mill around in swanky attire as Sonny welcomes his father to Luke’s Club. Sonny explains to Mike that Luke gave him his blessing to reopen his club and asks his father to run it for him. Mike is hesitant, but steps behind the bar and starts managing the waitresses. Olivia walks up to tell Mike the main act tonight is Eddie Main and then they catch up on the old neighborhood. Kevin talks with Sonny and the family, noting it’s going well so far. Michael thanks him for the idea. Kevin says a little nostalgia is good for the soul. He walks away as Sonny thanks his family for what they’re doing for his dad.

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scotty-gets-riled-up-gh-abcAcross the room, Elizabeth, Kevin, Monica and Bobbie talk about their first days at GH. They reminisce about Dr. Steve Hardy and toast to him. Meanwhile, Lucy gets a drink from Mike at the bar and they talk how she used to be a partner in the club. She walks over to Doc and compliments him on the night. Kevin credits the Corinthoses, he just advised them. Alexis is next to talk with Mike, asking for a sparkling water. They discuss being in recovery, as Bobbie thanks Scotty at a nearby table for being there. He assures her he did it for her, not Sonny. He does wish he could have done something like this for his father and flashes back to a tense memory with Lee, which segues into talk of Luke. Sonny finds his father smiling at the bar. Mike is happy with the crowd and asks his son when Brenda is going to get there.

Mac and Felicia stop by Maxie’s to take her to Luke’s. Maxie isn’t up for it. If she wanted to revisit the past, Luke’s isn’t where she’d go.

lila-is-remembered-gh-abcMac and Felicia show up to Luke’s and tell Bobbie Maxie wasn’t up to coming. Bobbie offers to try to convince her otherwise. Olivia finds Ned, who tells her Mike asked after his grandparents. Olivia is sorry, but he’s not, as he fondly remembers his family. Nearby, Monica shares some shocking details with Michael about her volatile marriage with Alan, adding that she misses him every single day.

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Bobbie shows up at Maxie’s door to change her mind about Luke’s. Maxie can’t handle a party tonight and cries that everything reminds her of Nathan. It’s too painful. Bobbie understands the grief she’s feeling, invoking BJ’s memory. She thinks both BJ and Nathan would want Maxie to live her life with joy and purpose. Maxie isn’t sure how to do that, but Bobbie knows she’ll figure it out.

Back at Luke’s, Sonny introduces Anna to Mike and they talk about Robin. Anna recalls almost losing her daughter when she was a child, as Sonny remembers Stone’s death. Meanwhile, Carly and Jason reminisce about her early days in Port Charles and how Michael changed everything for both of them. Bobbie arrives with Maxie, as Ned reprises his Eddie Maine alter ego on stage. Carly is happy to see that Maxie showed up to Luke’s and brings her over to talk with Mike. As they observe, Felicia thanks Bobbie for getting her daughter there. They reminisce about BJ and Felicia thanks Bobbie for her daughter’s heart. At the same time, Ned and Alexis recall her Eddie’s Angel days, while Kevin, Lucy, Mac and Felicia recount the many Nurses’ Balls, including when Mac and Kevin dressed up as women.

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Later, Sonny and Dante discuss their history. Sonny can’t take credit for the man he became, but he is grateful Dante is his son. Sonny then talks with Carly. He credits her with preventing him from blowing everything in his life to hell. She admits he is a hard man to love, but nothing worth having is easy. They profess their love and kiss. At a table, Jason thanks Monica for coming. She isn’t a fan of Sonny’s, but she does like Mike and thinks it isn’t too bad revisiting the past. Jason agrees, again remembering when Michael was young. Monica recalls when Jason stopped her from shooting someone, thus saving her. That’s when she realized he loved her. Jason says of course he loves her, she’s his mom.

mike-tells-sonny-he-proud-gh-abcAfter everyone has danced and gone home, Mike and Sonny share a drink alone. Mike tells his son he’s proud of him and heads to the elevator. Alone, Sonny tearfully toasts to a hell of a night and to tomorrow being even better.

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