At Charlie’s, Lulu meets up with Spinelli and they discuss Maxie. She begs Spinelli to do what he can to help her fix things with Maxie. At another table, Nina rants to Valentin about Peter and knows he has an agenda where Maxie is concerned. Later, Lulu interrupts to ask how Maxie is. Nina-suspects-Peter-GH-ABC Nina snaps at her that Maxie is doing fine, and she refuses to pass on any message for her. Lulu wants them to know she accepts that her friendship with Maxie might be over, but she is going to do everything she can to bring Faison’s son down. Nina cries that she never wants to hear that name again and runs out in tears. Valentin offers to use his considerable resources all over the world to help Lulu find Henrik. Lulu believes Henrik might not have left Port Charles and could be hiding under their noses.

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Peter-sleeping-couch-GH-ABC At Maxie’s, she finds Peter sleeping on the couch. He apologizes for passing out, but she thanks him because he helped her get through spending the night in her apartment. Later, Spinelli stops by with Georgie, (played by Lily Fisher), who Maxie is thrilled to see. Maxie introduces her friend Peter to her daughter before he leaves. Maxie thanks Spinelli for bringing Georgie and for being there for her. Spinelli feels she has many people she can rely on in town. Maxie gets the impression he doesn’t like Peter, and she explains that unlike everyone else, Peter barely knew Nathan and she doesn’t have to worry about making him feel better. He suggests there is someone else she ould lean on, but she warns him not to bring up Lulu. She rails about Lulu, but Spinelli believes she still loves and needs Lulu. Maxie needs Nathan, but he’s dead because of Lulu. He reminds Maxie that Lulu is her oldest and dearest friend, and those are always the truest ones.

Ava-Griffin-DNA-GH-ABC At Ava’s, Griffin dresses and gets ready for work. A man drops off an urgent delivery, which is the DNA results. Ava gives him privacy to read them, and they confirm Peter is Henrik Faison. Ava returns and can see Griffin is worried and thinks it must be bad news. He doesn’t know what to do with this information, and confesses that this can help many people, but he ran these tests without his patient’s permission. Griffin asks Ava what he should do, but she believes he already knows what to do because he always has other people’s best intentions in mind. After Griffin leaves, a curious Ava considers reading the test results, but doesn’t.

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Corinthos-men-lunch-GH-ABC At the Metro Court, Mike, Sonny, Michael and Dante all get together to celebrate. Mike wonders why Morgan isn’t there, so they tell him he couldn’t make it. They toast to Morgan and enjoy a family meal. Sonny had it specially prepared just like back at Tony’s restaurant in Bensonhurst, but Mike doesn’t remember. Mike decides he’s tired, so Sonny takes him home. Dante feels bad for Mike, but worse for Sonny. Michael suggests they talk to Kevin at GH to see if anything can be done to help give Mike and Sonny more time together. At another table, Anna meets with Jason and reveals PK Sinclair left a trail of clues in his manuscript. She has learned that Henrik was likely put into a boarding school in Switzerland, and she can use his birthdate to search the schools and find him. Anna-Jason-talk-Faison-GH-ABC Jason remembers that Henrik’s birthdate wasn’t in Sinclair’s manuscript, so Anna covers and claims Obrecht gave it to her. They argue about how to deal with Henrik, who Anna defends because she believes he was a victim of Faison’s. Jason doubts that and doesn’t understand why she seems to want to protect this guy. She believes that Henrik has already paid a steep price for being Faison’s son. Griffin arrives and overhears Jason inform Anna that he will do whatever it takes to stop Henrik. Elsewhere, Peter grabs a table, and opens a package with his published book. Nina approaches him and asks how he got an advance copy of Sinclair’s book. He reminders he that he’s a publisher. Nina drops off her budget proposal for him to look over and walks off.

Mike and Sonny return home where Sonny continues a stroll down memory lane. Mike becomes frustrated because he can’t remember names lately. However, he knows that there was something important about Tony, the guy Sonny brought up earlier. He suddenly remembers he took a date Tony’s restaurant once, but he can’t remember her name. Sonny asks if it was Adella. Mike confirms that’s who it was. Later, Mike drinks a cup of coffee, complements it, and suggests to Sonny that he meet his son because they’d probably like each other.

On the next General Hospital:

Sonny tells Dante that he’s grateful he’s his son.

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Jason tells Monica that he loves her, and she’s his mom.

Bobbie informs Scott that his secret is safe with her.

Max asks Sonny what the occasion is. Sonny tells him it’s a surprise.

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