Peter accompanies Maxie home, where a package is waiting for her. Maxie opens the box, which contains a baby blanket from Nathan. She tearfully says she now has something to remember him by. Peter assumes she has tons of things for that. She recounts how she got rid of everything that was connected to him and now she regrets it. She maxie-opens-gift-from-nathan-gh-abcwonders if it’d be weird if she downloaded photos of Nathan to reprint. Peter assures her there are no rules to grief. They rehash Nathan’s death and Lulu’s role in it. Peter tries to defend his employee and take the blame. Maxie assumes he just wants her to lean on people other than him. He assures her that’s not the case. Maxie is pleased, because it comforts her to be around him and sometimes, he reminds her of Nathan. After some talk about Georgie and her worries about parenting her new baby, she invites Peter to stay for dinner.

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Liz and Franco step off the hospital elevator. They talk about Betsy, as Kim approaches, happy to see that Liz found her beau. The doctor quickly realizes things aren’t as rosy as she presumed. Liz readily offers to help Kim with the hospital computer, as Franco reluctantly goes to his art therapy room. Kim questions Liz about the tension. Liz opens up about Franco’s secrets and debates whether she can trust him. She worries about her kids living around such uncertainty. Kim advises her to think long and hard before she lets love go because it may not come back around.

Dr. Bensch runs into Kiki in the hospital hallway. He’s surprised to learn she switched her schedule to the night shift. He hopes it had nothing to do with him. She explains it’s just better for her schedule. He feels bad about his attempt at relaxing her earlier and invites her to his office to make it up to her. After Bensch has walked away, Kiki runs into Franco. They head to his office, as Franco bemoans his situation with Elizabeth. Kiki advises he figure out what happened when he was a kid so he can move forward with his relationship. Kiki passes Liz as she leaves. Franco professes his undying love for Liz, but knows she deserves to be with someone who is whole. He promises to get there and prays that she’ll be waiting for him. She encourages him to find out who he was and who he is, and then come home to her. They kiss.

Kiki enters Dr. Bensch’s office. He tells her he ensured she landed the shadowing position. She’s leery of the reasons for her acceptance, but reluctantly thanks him. He thinks she can do better for her biggest champion and kisses her. She jumps backwards and tells him he’s disgusting. She bolts from his office and runs to a supply closet. She crumples to the floor in tears.

Joss and Oscar hang out at his place, as Carly sees Drew in the hallway and notes his bruises. He tells her she got her wish where Sam and Jason are concerned. They bicker and then Carly helps him clean up before he goes in to see his son. They knock on the door, interrupting a kiss between the teens. Joss leaves with her mother, as Drew and Oscar catch up. Oscar tells his father he’s happy and that his life is good. He wishes same could be said for Drew. Drew responds that he just made it better. Kim returns home as Drew is in the middle of telling his son that he and Sam broke up. The three of them indulge in ice cream as they enjoy time together.

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sam-tells-jason-shes-leaving-gh-abcJason and Sam sit on a bench at the police station. She confesses how lost and scared she feels. Even though she could end up alone, she needs distance from Port Charles, Drew and even Jason. She wishes she could tell him what he wants to hear, but she can’t make that promise. Jason will miss her every day if they don’t end up together, but he’d be happy knowing she was okay. He wants her and always has, but only if she’s all in. He hurt her once, which he will always regret, but he will never do it again. Sam is reluctant to leave the bench, because once she does, it could mean this chapter of her life is over. He tells her there’s no timetable, so she stays for five more minutes. As she’s about to get up, Sam recalls how they met in the interrogation room. She tells Jason that was the luckiest day of her life.

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