At the Metro Court bar, Nina tells Valentin that she needs to go down to Aurora and see Peter to discuss this media push to promote rebuilding Port Charles. In his office, Peter is working on his manuscript when Maxie interrupts. He explains that he happened to see the college fund Nathan set up for her baby because she left the document out. He believes she may not be making the best investments, so she convinces him to help her with it. Maxie-interupts-Peter-GH-ABC Maxie leaves to get Georgie and finally head back to her apartment. Alone, Peter makes a call to someone about redirecting some funds, and to make sure they aren’t traced to him. Nina interrupts, but not before overhearing part of his call from the hall. She explains that she wants Aurora and Crimson to help rebrand Port Charles, but to do so she’ll need a larger budget. Peter suggests they talk about this tomorrow when he’s more caffeinated. Before she leaves, Nina advises that it’s best he let Maxie lean on family now. Nina returns to Valentin in the bar and tells him about overhearing Peter’s call and that she’s certain he’s hiding something. Maxie returns to see Peter and expresses her fears of returning to her and Nathan’s apartment with Georgie. He tells her that she can do anything, even going back home. Maxie feels she’ll need help. They go down to the bar and pick up some takeout food and leave together. Nina fumes because she just told Peter to distance himself from Maxie. Valentin warns her that this might not go over well with Maxie, but Nina refuses to back off and knows Peter is hiding something.

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Kevin-questions-Betsy-GH-ABC At the PCPD, Liz and Franco wait to see Betsy. He feels he’ll be free once he knows the truth, but Liz worries it could lead to more questions. In the interrogation room, Jordan and Dante question Betsy about Harvey’s whereabouts, but she only rambles that she wants to see Bobby. Back in the squad room, Kevin arrives because he’s been asked to talk to Betsy. He heads in and reveals to her that he’s Franco’s doctor. Betsy hopes Bobby is okay after all the years of secrets and lies she told him. She knows he got hurt and it was all her fault. Later, Kevin informs Franco that Betsy is in shock and needs to be taken to GH, it would be best if Franco stayed away for now. Franco insists on going to GH to wait, so Liz offers to go with him.

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Curtis-advises-Sam-GH-ABC Curtis stops by the penthouse to let Sam know how bad Drew is doing, and that he is going to stay with him. Sam packs a bag of his things for Curtis. Curtis explains that right now Drew is just hurt, and while anger fades, pain is harder to get over. He thinks they will both get through this though.

Jason-argues-with-Drew-GH-ABC On the docks, Jason runs into Drew and the two bicker over Sam. Drew wonders if coming to these docks doesn’t bother Jason, because it’s where he almost died and left Sam to grieve, all because Sonny always comes first. Drew taunts him that Sam is haunted by Sonny’s hold over him, and he fills his brother in on Sam almost killing Sonny. He thinks Jason is going to drag her back into that world. Jason accuses Drew of making Sam feel small and scared and that isn’t who she is. Jason would be happy to see her free of him. Drew punches Jason, and a fight ensues.

Back at Sam’s, she gets a call from the PCPD because Drew is in custody and has been charged with assault and battery and disturbing the peace.

Liz and Franco wait at GH to see Betsy. Kevin approaches and says Betsy is sedated now, but fighting it, so perhaps Franco should go in and see her. He walks in and Betsy is thrilled to see Franco. He wants her to know she can tell him anything, but she crumbles and cries she’s sorry.

Sam arrives at the PCPD after posting Drew’s fines. She asks what happened, and the officer explains that he and another man were brought in for fighting. She offers to pay the other guy’s fine if it makes things easier. Curtis arrives and suggests to Sam that it might not be a good idea for her to see Drew, but Drew is brought out bruised and bloodied. Curtis insists to Drew he come stay at his place. Sam approaches Drew, but he pushes her away. Drew leaves with Curtis without a word to Sam. Sam asks about the other guy as Jason is brought out.

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Carly visits Drew and tells him this isn’t the way to make things better.

Sam tells Jason she needs some distance.

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