At the hospital, Sonny tells Andre that if he wants to put some good into the world, he should do it with research. Sonny has a ‘prime candidate’ for his memory work. The doctor says he can’t do that. His release was conditional on him only working for the WSB and he has to start his research from scratch. The mobster tells him how hard it is to watch his father crumble. Andre is sorry but can’t help. Besides, he developed his technique to battle Alzheimer’s and already discovered it was ineffective. The doctor advises him to spend quality time with his father while he still can.

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Sam and Alexis discuss Drew-GH-ABCAlexis shows up at Sam’s, babbling about Julian. She notices her daughter is upset. “Drew left me,” Sam explains. She tells her mom how she realized she has lingering feelings for Jason and tears up. Sam loves both men, but Drew left anyway. The lawyer says being honest was the right thing to do and wonders what she’ll say when Jason shows up. Sam says she needs to learn to rely on herself again before dealing with that. She may even figure out that she shouldn’t be with either man. Alexis holds her and tells her what a great example she will be to her children.

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Kim and Julian lounge in bed-GH-ABCJulian and Kim drink together at Charlie’s. Ned and Olivia arrive. They invite Julian to an informal meeting about reviving the area. Julian snubs the invite and heads to the backroom with Kim. Ned is relieved. Lulu, Nina, Valentin, Michael, Monica and others arrive. They go over the damage to buildings. Ned says that there are more important things than simply repairing buildings, like actually having a city worth living in. They discuss how they can rebrand the city and create a narrative to make it desirable. Ned wants to spotlight how they are moving forward and what makes Port Charles great. In the office, Julian explains to Kim that he lives there. She doesn’t like pull-out beds. After some flirting, he unfolds the couch and they have sex. Rolling over, she admits that she almost left but remembered that they’ve always been honest with each other and know they love people who don’t want them. They get dressed and he worries about her reputation. She doesn’t care what people think about how she lives her life. They agree to keep is discrete and she suggests he get some new pillows.

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Jason arrives in Carly’s office and finds her staring at a photo of Morgan. She explains that the bloody scarf she found was the same as the one her dead son is wearing in the picture. She left it behind when she had to evacuate, but it disappeared. They call in a tech to look at security footage but come up empty. She gets upset. It’s almost like Morgan is still around. Sobbing, she tells him how great her son was and how she can’t even go into his room now that he’s gone. She cries in Stone Cold’s arms. He wants to tell Sonny what’s going on, but she doesn’t want to burden him with this while he’s dealing with Mike. She makes him promise to stay quiet. After he exits, Sonny shows up. They talk about Morgan’s photo and remember the day it was taken.

Drew tells Curtis about his break-up-GH-ABCDrew sits on the docks drinking and thinking about Sam confessing she still loves Jason. Curtis joins him and announces they found Betsy. Drew is miserable anyway and explains things are over with Sam. His friend tries giving him a pep talk, pointing out that Jason brings misery everywhere he goes and has the ‘personality of concrete’. Drew sensed this was coming. It makes him want to punch someone. Curtis tells him that drinking his problems away won’t work. He needs to let it out some other way. Drew tells him to back off, but his friend keeps pushing. “This is something I need to do alone,” Drew says. Curtis warns him not to do anything stupid. Soon after, Jason wanders by and the two men’s eyes meet.

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