Kim sits at the counter at Kelly’s, as Julian refuses to believe Alexis’s story about her and Finn getting serious. Julian knows there’s no way Finn does it for her. Alexis declares that Finn does in fact do it for her and she’s moving on. alexis-tells-julian-to-move-on-gh-abcShe leaves and Julian sits at table for coffee and pie with Kim. Julian knows he needs to get over Alexis, but he doesn’t know how. They engage in some playful banter as Julian says he does feel a sense of liberation, not having to constantly check himself. As Julian walks Kim out, she trips into his arms and they kiss.

finn-anna-talk-on-docks-gh-abcOn the docks, Anna assures Finn there’s nothing romantic between her and Andre. She rambles about her feelings for Finn, but something is holding her back. She also thinks he’s still with Alexis. Finn tries to tell her they aren’t together, as Alexis rushes up. Alexis tries to exit, but Anna leaves instead. Alexis feels bad for messing things up for Finn, but he says it was a mess before she got there. Alexis blurts out she made things worse for Finn by telling Julian they were getting serious. Alexis offers to tell Julian the truth, but Finn says she should let the lie stand if it makes things easier for her.

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spinelii-has-news-for-jason-gh-abcAs Carly gives Michael a key to his new room at the Metro Court, Jason arrives. Michael leaves, as Carly excitedly tells Jason her son won’t be living with Nelle anymore. She adds that Sam just needs to tell Drew she loves Jason and all will be right in the world. Jason tries to talk her down, when Spinelli enters. He’s back in town so Maxie and Georgie can spend time together. He also has business with Jason. Carly is shooed away, as Spinelli tells Jason he wants to impersonate Henrik so they can access Faison’s bank accounts in Europe. He has a fake birth certificate and copies of Faison’s death certificate and will.

carly-compares-scarf-to-photo-gh-abcCarly returns to her office and finds the scarf Nelle left on her desk. She’s confused until she sees the photo of Morgan with a scarf just like it. Carly hears the fire alarm that Nelle pulled and is informed they are evacuating the building. She leaves her office with the scarf still on the desk.

Carly heads back to Jason and Spinelli at the bar. The alarm is shut off and they get the all clear. Carly tells the men about the scarf she found, but when she brings them to her office to show them, the scarf is gone.

Nelle sees Brad at Kelly’s and they talk babies. She’s all smiles as she says she is doing everything she needs to take care of her child.

mike-gets-agitated-with-sonny-gh-abcMike gets confused talking with Sonny about the past at GH. He gets agitated and wonders what they are waiting for. Sonny tells him to calm down, which only further sets Mike off. Michael shows up, easing the tension between father and son. Michael talks about getting ready for the baby and the men enjoy a light moment. Although, Sonny still looks pained. Mike leaves for tests, as Sonny thanks Michael for taking care of Mike. Michael notes it’s easy for him because Mike didn’t walk out on him as a kid. Sonny never realized what a blessing memory was and marvels at how he and Mike remember the past differently. Michael says maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle. Later, Sonny sees Andre, who wishes he could fix what happened to Drew and Jason. Mike returns and Michel offers to take his grandfather to Kelly’s for BLTs. Sonny has business to take care of and hangs back. He finds Andre and says he knows how he can make amends.

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At home, Sam cries as she tells Drew she has feelings for Jason. He wonders what that means. She says, “I still love him,” but insists she loves Drew too. He steps back from her, asking, “Why did we get married?” She tells him she wanted to hold on to their family and that she meant her vows, but she has to find herself again. He remains expressionless as Sam says she needs to learn how to trust herself again. She doesn’t know how she let things get this far and confesses the kiss. Drew thought what they had was enough, but it was never his. He can’t stay there because Jason is between them. She begs him not to leave, but he says despite his family being everything to him, it’s not real. Scout will always be his daughter, but he can’t say the same about Sam being his wife. He takes off his wedding ring, places it on the desk and walks out. Sam sobs.

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Curtis has news for Drew.

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