Ava comes upon Nelle at the gallery holding the bloodied scarf. Nelle tells her it’s all part of her plan, but doesn’t think Ava should be privy to it. Ava agrees, but tries again to reason with her when it comes to manipulating Carly and Michael. Ava also worries about Nelle’s plan blowing back on her. She will not risk losing Griffin, who walks in nelle-with-scarf-gh-abcwondering what the women are talking about. Ava covers saying they were discussing art that he wouldn’t approve of. Nelle makes her exit, as Ava and Griffin talk about the night she told him she loved him. She didn’t want to pressure him then, but she needs to be loved and needs to feel he cares for her. She brings up how busy he’s been at the hospital. He admits his place was damaged and he’s been staying at GH. She tells him he could stay with her. He doesn’t want to impose, but she does her best to convince him.

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michael-meets-francesca-kellys-gh-abcWhen Michael gives Francesca a formal greeting at Kelly’s for their date, they joke about it being a job interview. They engage in get-to-know-you banter, which Michael isn’t great at. He says it’s been awhile since he’s done this and she confirms the same for her. More playful banter ensues. She invites him to a benefit concert. He hesitates, but she convinces him to join her, as Nelle lurks around the corner. Nelle interrupts them to smugly mention their appointment for the baby and walks away. Michael looks sheepish, as Francesca notes how deliberate Nelle was. After they leave, Nelle vows Michael will only be her happily ever after.

Michael and Francesca walk the pier, as he fills her in on Nelle and the baby. He insists he and Nelle will never be together, but explains their living situation. He wanted to tell her but didn’t know when the right time was. She understands the delicate nature of sharing such news with a first date. She asks if he still wants to go to the concert. He asks if she still wants him to go. She hesitates and says she was really looking for uncomplicated. She regretfully says she can’t do this right now. She tells him to save her number though just in case. She leaves a disappointed Michael alone on the dock.

Nelle returns to the gallery after Griffin has agreed to temporarily move in with Ava. She offers to lock up so the couple leaves. Nelle pulls the scarf out of the bag, saying “Michael, I’m so sorry about your mom. Good thing you have me to lean on.”

Curtis investigates the noise he and Jordan hear at Harvey’s house. He returns with a scared Betsy Frank. Curtis gently questions her, but she only wants to know where her Bobby is. Jordan and Curtis ask why Jim was keeping her there. She panics, but says she only wanted to protect the boys. She’ll only tell them the rest.

sam-calls-for-help-gh-abcSam and Liz rush to the construction site and discover the foundation being poured. Sam frantically calls for help. When it arrives, the women beg the responder to look for Drew and Franco. He tells them it’s physically impossible to get to the basement due to the concrete. Sam knows there’s another way and she’ll find it.

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drew-franco-survive-on-docks-gh-abcDrew and Franco pull themselves out of the water and onto the docks. Once they catch their breath, they head out to find Harvey so they can ring his neck.

In his motel room, Harvey looks concerned when he can’t find something on his desk. Chase arrives to question him.

Chase brings Harvey to the police station. He asks if he recognizes Drew’s ring. Harvey says no and then is told it was in his motel room. He denies ever seeing it, but assumes Sam and Liz gave it to the police. Harvey tries to divert suspicion by talking up the troubles between Bobby and Drew. Chase lets him leave and then calls to petition for a search warrant. Jordan calls and orders Chase to arrest Harvey for unlawful imprisonment. Sam and Liz blow in to ask for help in getting under the construction site. Drew and Franco enter and the women rush into their respective man’s arms. Franco and Drew explain how they crawled through the sewer to get out and women tell their tale. Franco can’t believe Liz went to so much trouble, but she says she still loves him. Alone, Drew asks Franco about the rabbit’s foot. He admits it came in handy for both of them.

On the next General Hospital:

Nelle tells Michael Carly is unhinged when it comes to her.

Finn casts an accusation.

Sam wants Drew to come clean with her.

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