Maxie-Peter-talk-baby-GH-ABC Lulu and Dante spend time together in the Metro Court bar when Maxie walks in with Peter. Dante councils Lulu to give Maxie space, but Lulu refuses. She approaches Maxie and asks to talk. Maxie agrees. They talk in private, and Lulu begs Maxie to give her another chance because she misses her. Maxie misses Nathan, who isn’t there to tell her what to do about the baby. Lulu inquires if something is wrong. Maxie reveals it may have inherited a fatal disease from Faison. Lulu advises she love the baby regardless and teach her child about Nathan. Maxie lashes out at Lulu for daring to say Nathan’s name, and that Nathan isn’t there to help her because of Lulu. Alexis-Sam-discuss-Jason-GH-ABC Down in the Aurora office, Sam tries to get in touch with Drew, but he’s not answering his phone. Alexis drops by to check on Sam. Sam fills her mom in on Drew being unaccountable since yesterday, which is more like something Jason would do. She finally comes clean with her mom that she still loves Jason and always will. However, she loves Drew too and doesn’t know what to do other than be honest with him. Sam leaves to try and get answers about where Drew is. Back in the bar, Lulu offers to be there with Maxie when she gets the test results, but Maxie refuses. Dante and Peter return to check on the women as Maxie rants at Lulu to stay away from her and her child. Alexis approaches after hearing the commotion, and Maxie asks for a restraining order against Lulu

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Ned-Jordan-Curtis-Harvey-GH-ABC At the PCPD, Ned, Jordan and Curtis discuss that Harvey’s drilling for gas may have caused the earthquake, and how to prove it. Ned suggests they use Harvey’s greed against him and promptly leaves. Jordan tells Curtis while she appreciates Ned wanting to help, she isn’t counting on him to build a case against Harvey. She thinks someone who is willing to bend the law a bit might be able to get the goods she needs. Curtis knows just the man.

Kim-Liz-secrets-GH-ABC At GH, Kim tells Liz that Oscar wants to thank Franco for saving Drew. Kim forgot the earthquake messed with her wedding and asks if they set a new date. Liz admits the wedding is off because Franco kept a secret. Kim advises her that everyone keeps secrets for one reason or another. As they discuss Franco’s secret, Epiphany interrupts to ask Liz if she’s seen Franco because he’s blown off all his art therapy sessions. Liz hasn’t and begins to worry. She makes calls, but can’t get in touch with Franco, and nobody has seen him since yesterday. Later, Sam finds Liz at the nurses’ station and asks where Franco is because Drew is missing, and she thinks he’s involved.

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Franco-Drew-trapped-GH-ABC Drew and Franco wake up locked in a room in one of the buildings that Harvey owns after being tased by Jim’s goons. Drew asks Franco what happened between him and Jim in the hotel room that left him curled up in a ball. Drew recognizes the signs of PTSD in him. Franco states he can’t talk about it and begins kicking at the door to try and break it down. Drew points out it’s reinforced steal and won’t do any good. Franco knows Harvey put them here to cover up what really happened the night Drew fell down the stairs.

Harvey-goon-hotel-GH-ABC In his hotel room, Harvey rants to one of his goons that he’s a businessman not a thug, and wishes Franco left the past alone. He orders the guy to keep the area where they are sealed off until he can figure things out. Ned arrives to talk to Jim, so his thug departs. Ned offers to buy back the city blocks Niagara purchased which are now worthless to Jim. Harvey turns him down and tells Ned there was a deposit of gas discovered after the quake, and it is worth too much to give up. Ned accuses Harvey of knowing about the gas long before the quake, and that he used him and the election to get to it. Ned threatens to blow him out of the water, but Harvey points out people might not believe Ned didn’t know about the gas in the first place. Harvey suggests he keep quiet and use the city’s cut of the gas to help the people of Charles Street, and warns Ned nobody will stop him.

Back at the Metro Court, Dante tells Alexis there is no need for a restraining order as this is a personal matter. Maxie storms off and Peter follows her. Lulu decides to return to work. Maxie gets a call from Kim that her results are in.

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Jordan tells Anna that she doesn’t have the time for this.

Peter meets with Griffin to get his test results.

Sam swears to Liz she will take Franco out if he hurt Drew.

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Mike asks Sonny if he wants him to sign his life away.

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