Alexis-Kim-Julian-GH-ABC At Charlie’s, Chase arrests his brother Finn for assaulting Julian. Kim walks in as Alexis scolds Julian for being infantile about the situation. Chase carts Finn off, and Alexis follows with Roxy. Kim tells Julian that is is clear that he and Alexis are far from over one other.

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Nina-Crimson-Peter-GH-ABC Valentin visits Nina at Crimson when Ned and Peter drop by because Ned wanted to thank her for using Crimson to collect quake donations. She states no thanks are necessary, and shoes them out because she has a lot of work. Valentin wonders why Nina seemed so cold towards Peter. Nina rants about Peter taking Maxie to a pregnancy appointment and admits she’s angry because she can’t have a kid, that Nathan won’t ever see his, and now Peter is filling the void left by Nathan. Nina gets a call from the graphics department and steps out to deal with it. Jason-Sam-talk-Aurora-GH-ABC In Aurora’s office, Sam calls Drew to see where he is. He explains that he’s working with Franco, and he’s not sure when he’ll be home. After the call, Jason drops by to let Sam know that he’s going to Europe to follow some leads on Faison and Henrik. Peter interrupts looking for Drew, and admits he overheard them discussing Faison’s son. Jason admits he has some leads but says no more. Peter leaves. Jason and Sam talk more. Sam knows she will only be happy if she lives her own truth, and she needs to find out what that is. Jason only wants what is best for her. She wishes him luck in Europe. Back in Crimson’s office, Valentin meets with Peter and warns him to stay away from Maxie because if he slips up and lets Maxie know who he really is then it will make everything worse.

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Curtis-Jordan-fracking-GH-ABC In the PCPD interrogation room, Jordan and Curtis realize Harvey was never out to develop Charles Street but was after natural gas. The governor is against fracking, which means Harvey would need strong connections to drill, such as their new mayor. Jordan calls Ned down and explain what they think Harvey is up to. Ned had no idea about the gas. In the station, Finn tells Alexis that his father remarried after his mother’s death and Chase was the result of that union. Finn admits they aren’t close. Alexis tries to get Chase to cut Finn slack, but Chase refuses to throw out favors seeing he’s brand new. Alexis returns to Finn and asks why he couldn’t just leave well enough alone with Julian. Finn admits the guy annoys him and he wanted to wipe the smirk off his face.

Franco-Drew-stakeout-GH-ABC Drew and Franco stakeout Harvey’s hotel in Drew’s car and wait for him to finish up with a meeting. Franco rambles on about his mistakes with Liz until Drew yells at him to shut up because he isn’t his confessor. Drew asks about his silly rabbit’s foot Franco plays with and Franco reveals that Drew gave it to him when they were kids for luck.

Franco-Harveys-room-GH-ABC Franco heads to Harvey’s room and says he found Betsy and is interested in hearing what she has to say about what happened to Drew when they were kids. Franco plants the bug on the side of Harvey’s desk as Harvey says to Franco that Betsy will only back up his story. Harvey grabs Franco and yells at him causing Franco to flashback to Harvey yelling at him as a kid. In the present, Franco collapses into a ball and screams “Go away!” Drew bursts in and warns Harvey to back away from Franco. Franco mumbles, “no more” as Drew wonders what Harvey did to him. Suddenly, two of Garvey’s goons walk in to check on the commotion.

Back at Charlie’s, Julian doesn’t think he’s the only one getting over someone, and says he noticed what a mess she was at the hospital over Drew. Chase returns and interrupts. He asks Julian if he really wants to be the guy who goes to court for beating up on a lizard. Julian agrees to drop the charges. After Chase leaves, Kim admits she has feelings for a man who doesn’t remember her and laughs at how sad that is. They both hope there is more to life than unrequited feelings.

Chase-Alexis-station-GH-ABCBack at the station, Alexis knows Julian is a jerk, and she is still struggling with her feelings for him but says Finn can’t fight her battles. Chase returns and frees Finn after revealing that Julian dropped the charges. Finn tells his brother that he’ll see him around and walks out. In the interrogation room, Ned beats himself up for falling for Harvey’s development scam. Jordan tells him that he can still do something to stop Harvey, but it won’t be easy.

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