Liz confronts Franco at his art therapy studio at GH and asks if he tried to kill Drew when they were kids. Franco gives her a rundown of what Betsy told him about Drew falling down the steps, and Harvey claiming Franco pushed him. He goes over confronting Harvey before their wedding because he had a memory that Harvey was involved. Franco says Drew believes him, but he only cares what she believes. Liz believes he wants to be a good person, but he has been lying to her for months. He was trying to find out the whole truth before he told her, and admits he was afraid of losing her. She cries he may have, and she has to figure out if anything they had was real, or if he was only showing her what he wanted her to see. Franco swears he loves her and would never hurt her or her boys. All Liz knows is he’s lied over and over, and she doesn’t know if he’s really changed. He begs her not to leave him because she makes him better. She yells that isn’t her job, and says not to call her or come home. She walks out. Elsewhere, Jordan drops by Curtis’ room and gives him the news he’s being released from the hospital, but he’ll still be in police custody due to Harvey’s charges against him for breaking and entry. She hopes to find a sympathetic judge and have him released soon. Elsewhere, Joss visits Oscar, and Michael stops by to thank him for saving Joss’s life. She wonders if he is here just to see Oscar, or maybe to see Nelle. He tells her that Nelle is at the Quartermaines, which Joss thinks is great, and that they are together. Michael assures Joss that he and Nelle haven’t had a reconciliation. Oscar passes out, so they head out into the hall to discuss Nelle. Michael can’t give Nelle another chance and warns Joss that Nelle can’t be trusted, and she needs to be careful around her. On his way out, Michael runs into a nurse named Francesca and flirts with her.

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Julian-Alexis-at-Charlies-GH-JJ Finn calls Alexis from Charlie’s Pub because he needs a lawyer. She rushes there, and Finn explains that Julian is trying to throw him out because of Roxy. Finn claims Roxy has been petrified since the quake, so he couldn’t leave her alone. Alexis tries to talk with Julian, claiming Roxy is a service animal, but he says lizards are not covered under the service animal laws, and it’s a health code violation. Alexis advises Finn that the law is on Julian’s side. When Finn refuses to leave, Julian goes to grab Roxy’s cage and escort her out. Finn decks Julian for daring to touch Roxy.

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly walks in and learns from Nelle and Olivia that Nelle has moved in thanks to an invite from Monica. Olivia has Nelle take Leo to the kitchen for a snack and once she’s gone, Olivia tries to calm Carly down and warns her to tread lightly with this one because Nelle has Monica on her side. Carly feels Olivia needs to watch her back with Nelle here. Nelle spies on them and overhears Carly badmouthing her to Olivia. She waltzes back into the room and updates Olivia on Leo’s snack. Olivia suggests she and Carly head out together. Once alone, Nelle tells her baby that Carly blew her last chance to redeem herself, so she has to step up the game. She looks at Morgan’s old social media page.

Jordan and Curtis return to the station and Chase tells Jordan that Harvey is on his way over. Chase asks if he should put Curtis in a holding cell, but Jordan explains that Curtis is working with them to find out if Harvey’s company caused the quake due to illegal drilling. Harvey walks in and reveals since his entire project here has been scrapped due to the quake, he’s dropping the charges against Curtis. He signs the required papers, and also talks about lending all his machinery to help with the clean-up. Harvey leaves, and Curtis gets a call from the geologist Jordan has been waiting to hear from. Harvey is sitting on a gold mine of natural gas.

At Charlie’s, Julian calls Scotty and leaves a message to call him back ASAP. Alexis tries to reason with Finn, but thinks he knew from the get-go he had no right to bring Roxy here. Chase arrives, and Finn is shocked to see him. He introduces Chase as his brother. The two catch up before Chase is forced to arrest Finn.

Back at GH, Carly confronts Michael about Nelle moving into the mansion, but is quickly distracted after Francesca gives Michael her number.

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