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Peter visits the hospital to get a genetic test. He tells Griffin that his father had Huntington’s and passed away recently. The doctor explains there is a fifty per cent chance he could have it and there’s not much they can do after that but treat the symptoms. Griffin asks for his mother’s medical records, but Peter says that won’t be possible. All he knows about her was that she was a ‘working girl’. Dr. Monroe takes some blood and assures him that he will keep the results secret.

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Agitated, Anna surprises Valentin at the Metro Court. She explains that she went after the midwife in Brussels and confronts him for lying to her about her baby. When she says it was a boy, he says that’s impossible. The baby was wrapped in pink, so he assumed it was a girl. She walks off and runs into Griffin. They catch up. The doctor thought she’d drop her search for Faison’s son once the father died. He senses there is more to this, so she tells him about the gene that Faison could have passed on. Griffin admires her compassion. When she explains Henrik could have Huntington’s, the doctor gets pensive. Meanwhile, Peter joins Valentin and tells him the hospital is running the test now. Peter is upset that half of his medical history is blank. He’s still angry at his mother for abandoning him to a psychopath. Valentin assures him that he will have his back.

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Jason and Sam discuss the earthquake-GH-ABCIn Franco’s office, Drew confronts Franco about Harvey’s story that he pushed him down some stairs. Franco claims Harvey is a liar. He’s not totally sure what happened, but Harvey was there. Surprisingly, Drew believes him, or at least trusts Harvey less. They realize that Jim has been in contact with Betsy and paid to have her disappear. Drew suggests that they work together to find her. That shocks the artist. Drew makes it clear that if it turns out Harvey has been telling the truth, he’ll make sure Franco never sees Liz or her children again. Down the hall, Sam and Jason discuss saving Franco. Liz eavesdrops as they discuss their declarations of love. Sam needs to tell Drew how she feels. Jason tells her to do what she thinks is right, even if that’s nothing. If she needs him, she can call him. After he walks away, Sam catches Liz trying to hurry away. The nurse thanks her for saving Franco. Sam’s not sure she should have bothered. She tells the nurse that Franco tried to kill Drew. Liz refuses to believe it. “I don’t think anyone has ever lied to you more than you lie to yourself,” Sam tells her. She heads for the elevator, thinking of Jason. Liz heads down to Franco’s office and explains that Sam told her the secret he’s been keeping.

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At the Corinthos compound, Carly tells Sonny that Mike has calmed down but still thinks Morgan is alive. Sonny doesn’t think Carly should have to deal with this and worries about Avery. She thinks they need to make decisions while Mike is still lucid. Sonny isn’t up to that right now. She assures him they can do this together. He leaves to get Avery. Later, Jason arrives and finds Carly sobbing. It’s breaking her heart to watch what’s happening to Sonny and Mike. Jason hugs her and she quizzes him about what happened during the earthquake. He’s evasive so she tells him about getting stuck at the gallery with Nelle. Though she helped her out when she had Braxton-Hicks, Carly still despises her. Jason knows the feeling. He saved Franco but still hates him. After he tells her about saving Sam, he reluctantly owns that they confessed they love each other. Carly is thrilled and makes him admit she was right.

Sonny refuses to leave Avery with Ava-GH-ABCKiki is with Avery and Ava at the penthouse. They put the kid to bed and Kiki reminds her mom that Sonny is coming to get the little girl. Kiki worries she’s going to make things worse if she pushes Corinthos. Once she departs, Sonny arrives to get his daughter, determined to take her home. Ava begs him to let her sleep, but he refuses. They bicker about her manipulating the situation and he reminds her that his son is dead because of her. As he takes his daughter away, Ava says she’ll send him a bill for breaking the lock at her gallery.

Kiki drops by Dr. Bensch’s office to pick up a pharmacology book. She spots the first American edition of Grey’s Anatomy and starts leafing though. He offers to help her study. As time goes on, she has a hard time getting the terms to stick. The doctor suggests that she get out of her head for awhile and asks her to have a drink with him. She turns him down. Before she can run off, he gives her his copy of Grey’s Anatomy.

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