At the Corinthos compound, Mike tells Sonny and Carly he’s not moving in. He needs to go back to Brooklyn where he belongs. Sonny wonders why he is so anxious to leave. Mike accuses Sonny of wanting him to stay so he can get mike-wont-live-with-sonny-carly-gh-abcback at him for leaving him and his mother so many years ago. Sonny insists he’s wrong, but Mike continues to be defensive. Carly tells Mike they want him to stay, but if he wants to leave, he is free to do so. Sonny makes comments about getting the courts involved, but Carly shuts that down. Sonny then says his people will watch over him. Mike insists his girlfriend has that job, but he’s unable to remember Rita’s name or that she left him. Once he hears it again, Carly suggests Mike stay with them, as if she’s asking for the first time. Mike doesn’t think his son will like it very much, but Carly reminds him they’re family. Mike agrees to stay and talks about being late for work with Caruso. Sonny plays along, but tears up once Mike heads upstairs to rest.

Jim sees Drew and Sam as he walks off the GH elevator. He tells them about Franco pushing Drew down the stairs when they were kids. He adds that Franco remembered what he did before the earthquake. Jim says Franco threatened him about telling anyone, especially Drew. Jim doesn’t think Franco has changed one bit, which makes him worried for Liz and the kids. He thinks Drew will know what to do and walks away.

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franco-canoodles-elizabeth-gh-abcElizabeth and Franco canoodle in Franco’s GH art room before they talk about their wedding day. She tells him Scott mentioned his secret, reminding him they need to trust each other. He worries his past will eventually become too much for her. She admits she struggles with his past, but she has seen him put his demons behind him. She loves him and she’ll continue believing in their love until he does the same. Franco believes in them and promises not to let his past get in the way.

franco-confronts-scott-gh-abcFranco bursts into Scott’s hospital room to ask his father why he would jeopardize his future with Elizabeth. Scott defends himself saying he was bleeding and in shock, but also wonders where Franco was if not at his wedding. Franco details his ordeal at the construction site. Franco says he needs to focus on Elizabeth and to figure out the whole thing with Harvey.

Franco returns to his art room, where Drew shows up demanding answers.

Episode # 7674Peter brings Maxie to GH for her amnio, which will determine if her baby will have Huntington’s disease. She asks Peter not to tell Nina. Jason happens upon them. Maxie learns Jason wanted Peter’s help in drawing out Henrik. Peter looks on awkwardly as Maxie says if Henrik was helping Faison, she hopes Jason makes him pay.

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Jason runs into Elizabeth in the hospital hallway. They recap their earthquake experiences and she thanks him for saving Franco. Jason states if it were up to him, he would have left him there. He credits Sam with changing his mind and therefore saving Franco’s life. He can’t change what Franco did, but he has to try and move on. Liz suggests he do more than that and consider the possibility of redemption. Sam overhears, as Jason reminds Liz about Franco’s awful deeds towards Michael and Sam. He hopes one day Franco will get what he deserves. A silently incensed Liz walks away. Once she composes herself, Liz walks back towards Jason who is talking with Sam. Liz overhears Sam say she needs to tell Drew that she loves Jason.

nina-wants-to-get-pregnant-gh-abcNina meets with Kim at GH in hopes there’s a chance she can get pregnant again. Kim wishes she could help, but she isn’t aware of any recent breakthroughs that will help her. Nina knows she’s lucky with the family she has, but she was looking for some good news. She starts to cry as she admits she’s trying to keep herself together for her family, as well as for Nathan’s. Nina runs into Maxie and Peter on her way out. Nina questions why Maxie’s there. Maxie stammers about her amnio and is forced to tell Nina about Faison’s disease. Nina wished she had told her, reminding her they are in it together. When Kim returns, Nina follows Peter out to warn him about his boundaries with Maxie, considering he’s her boss. Nina returns to Maxie, as Peter asks a passing nurse about getting a full genetic makeup.

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Carly knows Mike has to make decisions while he still can.

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