Shirtless-Peter-Maxie-GH-ABC Maxie, in her nightgown, runs into a shirtless Peter in the halls of Metro Court. She’s staying there due to the quake and locked herself out of her room. He invites her in to call the front desk. He puts on a shirt and asks how long she plans on staying there. She admits she is avoiding her empty apartment and the memories of Nathan. Maxie reveals she doesn’t know whether or not to have the test to find out if her baby is destined to become sick. They discuss her due date, and she says her child is going to be a Gemini, which Peter also happens to be. Peter reveals his birthday is June 13. He did some research and says she can have the test now to determine if the child has the disease. She feels Nathan would want her to have the test, so she’s going to have it Peter offers to go with her and she thanks him.

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Anna-Midwife-GH-ABC In Europe, Andre and Anna meet the daughter of Anna’s midwife. She tells them her mother passed away last year. Anna explains she needs to find her child because they may have a genetic illness. Unfortunately, the woman’s mother did not keep records to guard her patient’s privacy. Andre wonders if maybe the woman’s mother spoke of Anna, but Anna says she used an alias, Tess Derberfield. The woman knows the name and asks when Anna’s baby was born. Anna had the baby on June 13. The woman says every year her mother lit a candle on that day, because she later learned the couple who adopted the child had to let it go. Andre is sure her daughter is okay, but the woman says Anna had a boy. The lady excuses herself, and Andre and Anna wonder why Valentin lied to Anna about the sex of her child. The daughter returns and explains her mom did keep some records, but she needs to make sure Anna can be trusted. She gives Anna an envelope. Inside is proof that she had a son, and a copy of his footprints.

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Carly-Sonny-plans-Mike-GH-ABC At Sonny’s, Carly tells Sonny that Mike should stay with them. Sonny doesn’t know if he can watch his father deteriorate, but Carly feels he needs to spend time with his father now while he is still himself. Mike comes down the steps to see if the phones are working because he was hoping to hear from Rita. He got a message that she moved back in with her sister, which he must have heard wrong. Carly explains he heard right, and she left because of his illness. Mike wonders what he does now. Sonny asks his dad to stay with them.

Nelle-Monica-hospital-GH-ABC At GH, Monica checks on Nelle, who asks about Michael. Monica says he’s been released and should be up to see her. In the hall, Michael runs into Jason and asks for advice about Nelle. He admits having been shaken by what happened to Nelle during the quake. They talk about her mistakes, and Jason feels Carly knows people make mistakes and deserve second chances. Michael wonders why his mom can’t forgive Nelle. Jason says because Carly has good instincts. Jason tells Michael to trust his own instincts like his mom would. Michael decides to go see Nelle, but suggests Jason take his own advice and listen to his mom when she says he and Sam belong together. Back in Nelle’s room, she gets a troubling call and says, “That’s not possible, it can’t be.” In Drew’s room, Sam hugs her husband and tells him the kids are safe. She explains she was with Jason and they went looking for him. Drew fills her in on getting trapped under a freezer door and that Franco of all people rescued him. Sam calls it Karma and explains she and Jason saved Franco earlier, and had they not then he wouldn’t have helped Drew. She can’t believe it, but she’s grateful to Franco for once. Drew asks Sam to spring him from this hospital. Monica walks in and says she can arrange for that. Later in Nelle’s room, Monica finds her in tears. Nelle tells Monica that the earthquake destroyed her apartment and she is homeless. Michael arrives to check on Nelle and learns the apartment building was destroyed, so Monica invited Nelle to move into the mansion. Meanwhile, Drew gets dressed and he and Sam leave his room. They run into Jason at the nurse’s station. He was trying to leave Annabel’s tag for Sam. He hands it to Sam and walks off. Drew asks if everything is okay. Sam says they need to talk when they get home.

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