sam-tells-jason-she-loves-him-gh-abcSam and Jason try to recover after the second shock at the construction site, but the trailer has become dangerously unbalanced. The trailer keeps tipping causing Sam to panic. Jason grabs Sam’s hand, pulls her towards him and they jump to safety. The trailer drops in the excavation hole and explodes. Once they get their bearings, Sam tells Jason she knew it was him the day he saved her on the pier. She had to pretend she didn’t so she wouldn’t hurt Drew. She cries as she tells him she loves him. She never stopped. Jason takes her hand and says, “I love you.” He didn’t say it before because he didn’t want to pressure her. She blames herself for the mess she created. He assures her it’s not her fault, but he knows she loves him. He loves her and if that’s all it is, then it’s enough.

Episode # 7674Alexis comes upon Ned on the phone at the PCPD trying to get assistance from FEMA. After he hangs up in frustration, Alexis worries about her daughters, whom she hasn’t heard from.

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As Kim tries to keep her son alive at the Floating Rib, Dante finds Drew trapped under a freezer door. Dante can’t wake him up or pick up the door that’s trapped him. Kim says she can’t leave Oscar’s side to help, so Dante leaves Drew to help carry Oscar out of the bar.

tj-sits-at-mollys-bedside-gh-abcJulian carries an unconscious Molly into GH. Finn examines her as Julian and TJ wait in the lobby. Liz and Franco enter. He wants to talk, but she reminds him they are in the middle of a crisis and goes off to help. TJ finds Joss and they console each other over Molly and Oscar. TJ gets called back to Molly. Finn says she has a broken rib, but she should make a full recovery. TJ sits with his girlfriend as Finn calls Alexis to update her.

jim-offers-help-ned-olivia-gh-abcUpon hearing about Molly, Alexis rushes from the police station, as Ned tells Jordan TJ is fine. Olivia shows up and speculates with Ned how an earthquake could happen in upstate New York. Jim runs in offering his equipment to help out. Ned thanks him, as Jordan joins the conversation. She questions Jim’s role in the disaster. Ned reminds her an earthquake can’t be blamed on someone. Olivia cites a show she watched that explained it would take serious deep drilling, like for fracking, for that to occur. Ned and Jordan go live on TV declaring a state of emergency.

joss-kim-visit-with-oscar-gh-abcBack at the hospital, Molly wakes up. She asks TJ to take off her oxygen mask and kiss her. He complies. Alexis arrives and hears TJ saved her daughter, but TJ credits Julian. Meanwhile, Dante and Kim run in with Oscar. Joss sees them and rushes over. Kim orders her to stand back and wheels her son away. Finn examines Oscar, giving Kim the all clear. As Oscar remains unconscious, Kim tells her son his dad saved him. She wonders if she had made different choices, maybe Drew could have been there all along. Joss enters and Kim leaves the kids alone. Joss takes Oscar’s hand marveling at all the things she thought were important but aren’t. She says a true tragedy would be if he isn’t ok. He wakes up and asks her to stay with him instead of getting his mom.

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julian-comforts-kim-gh-abcJulian follows a crying Kim to the locker room. He comforts her as she worries about Drew and Oscar. Alexis happens upon them and Kim heads back to her son. Alexis thanks Julian for helping Molly. He shrugs it off, but she says it is a big deal to her. She adds that Molly wants to see him. They return to Molly, who thanks Julian for saving her and TJ. He’s glad he was there. So is Molly.

Franco and Dante head to the Floating Rib to rescue Drew. They get Drew out, but Franco somehow switches places with him so that he’s trapped instead. Dante pries the door off the ground and frees Franco, allowing the men to carry Drew to safety.

Dante and Franco bring Drew to GH. Drew wakes up, asking for his wife and kid. As Finn tends to him, Dante tells Liz Franco is the reason they got Drew out. He thanks him before leaving. Franco heads to the showers, where Elizabeth joins him.

Kim returns to Oscar in his hospital room. He asks for Drew. Amy enters to tell them Drew is there, but he should be fine. Oscar wants to check on him, but Kim says she’ll go. She finds Drew and they talk about Oscar and the past.

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