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Joss-Oscar-freezer-GH-ABC Kim and Drew break into the freezer at The Floating Rib to find Oscar and Joss unconscious. Joss comes to, but Oscar remains unconscious. Detective Chase arrives and warns them the building is not safe. Kim refuses to move Oscar until he’s stable or an ambulance arrives for him, so Drew asks Chase to take Joss to GH. After Chase and Joss leave, Kim can’t find Oscar’s pulse. She performs CPR, and he begins breathing again. Oscar stirs awake.

Nelle-contractions-GH-ABC Carly and Nelle, trapped together at Ava’s gallery, bicker. Suddenly, Nelle doubles over in pain, and Carly accuses her of playing games. Nelle thinks she is having contractions and worries she’s going into labor. Carly tells her they are likely Braxton-Hicks contractions, and to just breathe in and out and drink some water.

Amy-Griffin-Michael-concussion-GH-ABC Sonny brings Michael to GH where Griffin examines him and orders a head CT. Chase walks in with Joss, and Sonny is filled in on what happened at the dance. Amy and Griffin return, and Joss learns Michael has been admitted with a head injury. Griffin says Michael is concerned about Nelle. Joss passes on the info that she’s at the gallery with mom. Sonny decides to go look for Nelle and Carly. Later, Joss is cleared to be released, but won’t leave until she gets news about Oscar. Dante arrives, and Joss asks him to check on Oscar for her. He agrees, while Chase heads to search homes along Charles Street for anyone who may be trapped.

At the church, Liz wonders where Franco is.

Franco remains trapped under the filing cabinet in Harvey’s trailer and screams for help.

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Sam-Jason-Mike-confused-GH-ABC Out on Charles Street, Mike tells Jason and Sam about finding a trapped guy, but he can’t remember who or where the guy is. Sam and Jason convince Mike to accompany Sam back to the evacuation center while Jason looks around.

Back in Harvey’s trailer, Franco hears someone come in, assumes it is Mike, only to see it is Jason.

Liz-church-GH-ABC Sam and Mike stumble into the church to find Liz. Sam explains they are on their way to the evacuation center and suggests she come with them. Mike insists he will be good with Liz and tells Sam to get back to Jason. Mike sits with Liz and opens up about his diagnosis and fears. Later, Chase walks in and Mike freaks because he thinks Chase has come for him again. Chase explains he’s only here to get him to safety and tells Mike his family is at GH and worried about him. Liz convinces Mike to go with Chase, but she is going to wait a little longer for her groom.

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Trapped-Franco-GH-ABC In Harvey’s trailer, Jason reminds Franco that he told him he would pay and now is the time. Suddenly, Sam walks in, and tells Jason that while she doesn’t care what happens to Franco, she and Michael have moved on and she doesn’t want to go back and relive all that hate. She would rather see Franco live than keep a secret about how he died. Jason and Sam free Franco. Franco thanks them and stumbles out of the trailer. Jason wonders how Sam could just let Franco go. She says he can choose to be stuck in the past or move on and live your best life. She reminds him that he taught her that. Jason agrees to try to move on for Sam. Suddenly, Sam panics when she realizes she’s lost a dog tag for Annabel that Danny gave her. Jason thinks it must have fallen out of her pocket and they search for it.

At the gallery, Nelle’s contractions stop, and Sonny bangs on the door calling out to anyone inside.

Back at GH, Joss gives Michael a hug, and Sonny walks in with Nelle and Carly. Joss tells Carly about Oscar, and not knowing how he is. Carly comforts Joss, as Nelle pulls Michael into a hug. Carly suggests Amy check Nelle out to be safe, so Amy takes her away in a wheelchair. Later, Chase brings Mike in, and Sonny’s relieved to see his dad. Michael asks Griffin if he can leave, but Griffin insists he stay the night for observation. Amy tells Michael that Nelle is also being admitted for the night. Carly quickly reminds Michael to follow the doctor’s orders and stay in his room and rest.

At the Floating Rib, Oscar asks his mom about Joss. Kim tells him that she’s safe, and to try not to talk. Dante eventually arrives and finds Drew and Kim trying to keep Oscar warm. The ambulance still can’t get to them, so Drew gets an idea.

Back at the church, Liz is about to give up on Franco when he walks in. She runs into his arms and they kiss.

Back in Harvey’s trailer, Jason locates Annabel’s tag just as another quake hits.

On the next General Hospital:

Ned tells Jordan that the city is in chaos and people are hurting.

Julian rushes into the ER carrying an injured Molly.

Finn calls Alexis to tell her about Molly.

Drew and Dante are in danger from falling electrical wires.

At GH, Joss asks Kim if Oscar is okay. Kim tells Joss to stand back.

Alexis worries about Sam.

The trailer Jason and Sam are in is unstable.

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