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Lulu drops by the PCPD to check on Dante and find out how Mike is doing. After some chitchat, Lulu tells Dante she’s decided not to quit her job. Dante guesses Peter changed her mind, and can’t help but feel Peter is using her. Dante doesn’t like that she takes the risks to get the story and Peter gets the reward. Lulu is insulted that he’s insinuating she’s a puppet. She points out he risks his life every day, but he rebuts that it’s not for a news story. The couple calm down, exchange, “I love yous,” and Lulu heads home.

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At Crimson, Peter finds Maxie sleeping at her desk. When she wakes up, he asks her why she is back at work so soon. The two bicker, and Peter orders dinner because he feels she hasn’t eaten recently. As they eat the two talk. Maxie admits to spending so much time at work because she can’t bear going home to the empty apartment. Peter feels if she can be here, where her worst memory of Nathan is, then she can overcome the memories of him at home.

Anna meets with Felicia at The Floating Rib to inform her of the news that Faison had Huntington’s Disease, and it is genetic, which means Maxie’s child could have it. Felicia knows this will devastate Maxie, but she wants to be the one to tell her. At their table, Liz and Franco spend time together before they have to go their seprate ways for the night before their wedding. Scott arrives to pick up Franco because he’s staying with him. He also delivers a card of congratulations that came from Betsy. Liz and Franco share a parting kiss, and she leaves. Scott realizes Franco hasn’t told Liz about his memory of pushing Drew down the steps. He urges Franco to forget the past and focus on the present. Scott also hopes he hasn’t gotten involved with Kevin, but Franco admits he has, and that the doctor is helping him.

Drew meets with Curtis at Charlie’s when Jim walks in to pick up a huge order for his crew at the construction site. Curtis and Drew overhear this, so Curtis takes off. Drew makes small talk with Jim to stall him and suggests their two companies may be able to do business in the future. Drew also admits he’d like to pick his brain about the past, which he doesn’t remember. Drew doesn’t understand why Betsy sent him to an orphanage. Jim informs him that he and Betsy parted ways long before she gave Drew up. Drew asks if he noticed anything about his and Franco’s relationship that would cause Betsy to give him up. Jim says he and Franco did butt heads a lot, but it was normal boy stuff. Jim leaves, and Drew calls Curtis to warn him he stalled as long as he could.

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Curtis-construction-plans-GH-JJ Curtis breaks into Jim’s construction site, dressed as a construction worker, and is immediately caught. He claims to be new, and that Harvey asked him to check some specs. The guy believes him and leaves. Curtis rummages through Jim’s drawers and plans for Port Charles, talking photos of evidence. Liz-Jim-Harvey-construction-GH-JJ Later, Jim returns to his office to find Liz there. She questions him about contacting Betsy to convince her to come to the wedding, but Jim hasn’t talked with her in ages. She thought maybe they had spoken because Betsy sent a card to Franco, but nobody told her about it. Liz thanks him for his time and departs.

Felicia drops by Crimson and interrupts Peter and Maxie’s dinner. Maxie can see something is troubling her mom, so Peter gives them space. Felicia tells Maxie that Faison’s had Huntington’s Disease and it is genetic, so she needs to get the baby tested. Felicia leaves her, and Peter returns to check on Maxie. He asks what’s Faison done now. She tells him that he had Huntington’s disease which is a fatal genetic brain disorder he may have passed on to his children.

Anna meets with Andre in an alleyway. She explains she needs to find her child with Faison because it turns out he had Huntington’s Disease. Anna doesn’t know how to even begin to find her but is going to start in Brussels where the baby was born. Andre offers to go with her.

Back at Charlie’s, Curtis reunites with Drew and says he was long gone by time he got Drew’s message. Drew came up empty on evidencing linking Harvey to Betsy, but he may have another lead. It turns out Betsy had a pile of debt, but it disappeared after Franco’s art show. Drew doesn’t think Franco is behind his own mother’s disappearance, but is certain Jim is.

Back in his office, Jim makes a call to someone and warns them what they did was stupid.

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