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At the gallery, Ava tells Griffin that she loves him. He’s flattered but doesn’t know how to respond. She asks him to consider it a gift or end things now if her love is a burden. The doctor thinks about her all the time and she’s forced him to re-examine himself. She’s helping him to change and it’s exhilarating. He’s terrified about how he feels and worries that he’s not enough for an independent woman like her. They aren’t breaking up, but he can’t promise to make her his first priority. She hopes that he can feel the kind of love she feels for someone someday. He’s all she wants. They hug and she asks him back to her place. Griffin says she’s the best thing that ever happened to him.

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Jason, Dante and Carly are on Angel’s Bluff. Carly is upset and storms off. Dante points out to Jason that they are standing where Morgan died. Carly comes back and explains she’s received many calls from the phone booth there. Dante observes that there is no sign of an explosion going off in the vicinity. Carly asks him to dust the phone for prints. Jason finds a guy living in the bushes. The guy explains that a well-dressed man has been showing up there and seems to be a drug addict. He adds that he saw a big explosion tonight. After he takes off, Dante tells Carly there’s nothing he can do. Once the cop has left them alone, Carly tells Jason in detail about the night Morgan died. She kept trying to call her son, but he never picked up. Jason holds her as she sobs and explains that she though it was all Sonny’s fault. Stone Cold tells her how hard it is to get closure. Carly cries more.

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Chase refuses to release Mike to Sonny-GH-ABCAt the PCPD, Sonny asks Detective Chase to let him take his father home. He insists that Mike is scared because of his diagnosis. The cop can’t let him go. Sonny offers to pay the expenses for the sculpture his father damaged. When Chase calls Sonny ‘Mr. Corbin’, Mike starts laughing and explains who his son is. Chase bickers with Sonny. He’s sorry but has to go by the book. When Sonny threatens to call his lawyer, Chase says that Mike will still have to spend the night. Sonny begs but the cop can’t help. Mike becomes distraught. The cop repeats that he has to follow protocol. When Sonny gets angry, the cop grabs his gun. Dante arrives. Mike recognizes him as his old tenant. Dante takes his father aside and Sonny fills him in on Mike’s condition. The cop can’t let Mike out but promises to spend the night by his side. Sonny assures his father that he’s in good hands. Dante uncuffs Mike and takes him into the interrogation room and they catch up. They look at family photos. Chase points out that Dante isn’t following procedure. Falconeri tells him to go to hell.

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Joss congratulates Brad-GH-ABCJoss and Oscar are at Charlie’s where she’s snarky with Julian. Brad strolls in and tells Julian that he and Lucas are adopting a baby. On Lucas’ behalf, he explains that they want it to be clear to Julian that he will not be part of their child’s life. Julian has to chew on that for a minute but agrees. Meanwhile, Nelle arrives with boots for Joss, who is ecstatic to see them. Nelle tells her how difficult things have been with Carly, especially since she decided to name the baby Morgan. Joss can understand how her mom feels. They discuss Nelle’s relationship with Michael and Miss Benson explains how much she loves him and how it feels like the universe is against her. Joss offers to help so Nelle invites her to her baby shower.

Carly and Jason get to the Corinthos compound. Sonny tells them that his father has Alzheimer’s. He wishes he’d checked up on him earlier. Carly tells him not to blame himself. He chokes back his tears and wishes he could give his father something to hold onto. Sonny goes into the kitchen to cook.

Nelle goes out to the bluff with a box of booze. She gives it to the guy from the bushes and he assures her that Carly and Jason bought his story.

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