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maxie-packs-up-nathans-things-gh-abcSam drops in on Maxie, as she packs up Nathan’s things. Sam questions her need to do it so soon. Maxie says it’s a concrete thing to do and someone in need could probably use his belongings. Sam helps Maxie pack up but urges her not to give away everything that meant something to her and her late husband. She thinks she’ll want them one day. Maxie coldly tells Sam she’s clueless. Sam is understanding, recalling how much it hurt when she thought she lost Jason. Maxie retorts that Jason is alive, but she watched her husband die. Maxie knows where Nathan is right now and where he will be forever because he’s not coming back. Maxie leaves the room. Before Sam exits, she takes a box with her. Maxie returns to pack up her photos of Nathan.

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dante-confronts-jordan-gh-abcLulu visits Dante at the station. She tells him she left her job at the paper because the people in her life mean more to her than her career. They embrace and he walks her out. Dante returns to find a new cop making himself at home at Nathan’s desk. Dante asks to talk to Jordan alone. They head to the interrogation room, where Dante angrily demands to know who that kid is. Jordan says he’s new to Port Charles, but he comes highly recommended. Dante doesn’t want to work with him. Jordan suggests he take a bereavement leave. He says unless it’s an order, he’s getting back to work. She relents, but tells him to go to therapy. He agrees after learning that she’s gone herself. Jordan officially introduces Dante to his new partner Chase (played by Josh Swickard), who offers his condolences for Nathan. They make nice until Dante learns Chase is a Red Sox fan.

Peter finds Nina dining with Valentin at the Metro Court. He urges her take more time before coming back to work. Nina chokes up as she talks about Nathan and heads for the office. Alone, Valentin tells Peter he’s glad he decided to stay in town, but he should be careful around Jason, as well as Maxie. Lulu enters for a meeting with Peter, who tries to change her mind about resigning from the paper.

nina-cleans-nathans-blood-stain-gh-abcNina gives herself a pep talk before stepping off the elevator. Once at Crimson, she sees the remnants of the crime scene and sobs as she tries to scrub the bloodstain out of the carpet. A worried Valentin finds his wife practically hyperventilating. He holds her and the vows to buy her a new rug. He says it broke him to find her like that. Nina imagines it’d be worse for Maxie to see the bloodstain and asks if they can get new carpet before she returns.

finn-alexis-wake-up-together-gh-abcAlexis and Finn wake up in bed together. They’re both super awkward as they get dressed and talk about the sex they had. They assure each other they weren’t under the influence of anything, leading them to wonder if it could still be considered a mistake. Someone knocks at Finn’s door, as Alexis heads to the back for her shoes. A disheveled Finn opens the door to Anna, who is surprised to see Alexis return. Finn asks Anna to wait a minute and shuts the door. Alexis thanks Finn for not letting her be alone last night. He was happy for the company too. Alexis leaves, as Anna tells Finn the WSB wants to meet with them about Cassandra. Anna muses they believe he compromised the mission because he’s not an agent. She promises she will protect him. He yells he doesn’t want or need her protection. After more venting, Finn says he’ll take a shower and meet her at the station.

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A defensive Anna and Finn meet with the WSB agent at the PCPD. The agent tells them they are being awarded their highest honors for their work on Cassandra’s case. There’ll be a ceremony next week. He thanks them for their service and leaves. After they process what just happened, Anna asks Finn about Alexis. He confirms her suspicions. She says, “Good for you,” and runs out.

At Charlie’s, Kim observes, as Oscar and Joss ask Julian to hold their alternative dance at his bar. When Julian hesitates, Joss accuses him of not being inclusive. Alexis walks in as her ex talks about his experience with both sides of bullying. He offers his place free of charge. Everyone thanks him. Later, Oscar asks his mother if she’s okay with Julian’s past. Kim assures him they’re just friends, but Oscar warns her to be careful. Julian and Alexis rehash recent events at a nearby table. Alexis says she’s closing her offices next door so she won’t have a reason to come in anymore. She puts her coat on as she watches Julian interact with Kim and the kids.

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